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Trade your obsessions for something even better.

Casting Instructions for 'Aerokinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Will
  • A well air-conditioned area
  • An obsession and/or addiction
  • A strong conscious state
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Will
  • A well air-conditioned area
  • An obsession and/or addiction
  • A strong conscious state


Note: This spell requires an obsession/addiction. This does not mean that you need to go get alcoholic drinks to give yourself an addiction. All you need is something like a second-hand habit. I am not responsible for people getting drunk due to their lack of common sense. Other than that, continue.


Sit down, preferably cross-legged, and think of your obsession. Now think of an object that represents it. Imagine this item getting picked up by an air current. As it gets picked up, raise your right hand. You should see the item rise higher and higher into the air.
Once your right hand is head height, begin raising your left hand. The item should start to fall, as if the current has dissipated. When your left hand reaches head height, the item should have hit the ground. Now lower both hands. As you do this, the debris should begin to blow away. Once all debris are gone, chant:

''As magic flows strong,
Addiction will no longer belong,
As I have learned the error of my ways,
And shall not practice this on any days,
For balance shall always reign,
As without it, there would be pain.''

Once you have completed the chant, stand up. What you would once feel compelled to do should be gone, and replaced with something different.


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Litespeed, can I please use this Spell in my book of spells that I am currently working on? From Password

Jul 21, 2022
1) avoid using the back button while making a post, it does weird things.

2) if not sure that a post took, wait a minute then hit refresh. You should see it then.

3) The point of putting this information up, and making it publicly viewable, is to share that information for others to use. It is safe to assume it would be fine to add it to your BoS. Perhaps just source it within your book the same way you would when copying from a physical book or jotting down something said to you by another person, if it is a concern to you. ^_^

Jul 21, 2022
Huh... apparently it can also sometimes just be an unfortunate glitch. As I just got tagged with the same issue.

Sep 05, 2022
I'm writing it on Pages.

It is not possible to control the elements and ''bend'' them as this spell claims you can. This reads more like a way to deal with an unhealthy obsession rather than a way to manipulate air; at least the chant does.

Jul 21, 2022
I agree that this spell is a little oddly titled, but as an act of dedicating one's self to releasing or 'letting go' of a bad habit or addiction I could see it having some effectiveness.

A couple tweaks that I might suggest, for refinement's sake;

Use a piece of paper, which you could write the addiction/habit onto. Or, if you want to put in extra effort, take a full sheet of paper, or a printed photo of yourself, and write various personal traits and habits in random places. Try to write out positive habits (daily walk, balanced diet, patience, reading/studying, introspection, self-care, thought before action, personal growth...etcetera) towards the middle of the paper/photo. And write out 'bad' or negative habits (excessive junk-food, shop-a-holic, neglecting cleaning, smoking, drug addiction, excess of alcohol, habitual anger, excessive control, ... nail biting) near the edges and corners. Then, when beginning the spell physically (but carefully) rip around one of the habits you wish to be free of. Dedicate yourself to literally and figuratively separating that habit from the list (and therefore yourself). Then proceed with the rest of the spell.

This can also be done outside if the wind is strong enough to pick up and blow around/away paper and such. Look for 'kite flying' weather. If there is a small, open hilltop you can get to all the better. Offer your habit to the winds and let them carry it away.

As a final note, be aware of physical withdrawals. This sort of a working can go a long ways in severing the emotional/mental aspect of a habit, but physical dependency is a whole different ballgame. Even simple, common things like caffeine and sugar have consequences to suddenly quitting. In some cases, chemical withdrawal can be really dangerous- especially when it comes to hard drugs. Doing things the wrong way can result in a trip to the hospital. And in some cases, that trip would be a permanent one without immediate care. (This is why methadone is a thing.)

Before doing any sort of habit-breaking, if it even remotely involves consumption be it cigarettes, drugs, caffeine, sugar, or even salt and fat... Begin by doing your research. Understand the withdrawal period, symptoms, management, and especially severity. Make a plan of attack. For the love of all that is holy talk to a doctor about it. No need to mention the spell, just get advice on the substance itself. They can get you in contact with specialists, support networks, and above all else information. Go get a calendar and physically write out your plan for each and every day. How much you can have, when you can have it, and plan the reduction/weaning using the information you researched to keep it both safe, and manageable. Cold turkey quitting, from anything, has roughly a 10% success rate. With a few days of planning and controlled reduction that very quickly can spike up to an 80% ratio of success. It is worth it.

Odd title, but as a spell to help you with a craving by utilizing the air element to remove the temptation from your mind, it might help. You need to put forth the effort to overcome whatever you are struggling with.

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