Get Long Hair Fast

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This spell will make your hair grow really fast.

Casting Instructions for 'Get Long Hair Fast'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Take the hair you want to grow ( if it's a lock of hair just hold that if it's all you can do lock by lock of if it's long enough put it in a pony tail/hair band and hold the hair) and say "hair hair make it grow like a river it shall flow". Do that as many times as you want.


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I think it works but slowly

Oct 02, 2019
How short was your hair? Can this spell actually work? I believe in magic too.

same i don't know yet but i think it works

It works for me but that may be because I used a wand to speed up the prosess

so i have in braids right now and i want to know which hair do y'all recommend

Will it work?I really need long hair

it works right away the more you say it the more it grows

take biotin vitamins, keep your hair healthy from breakage by moisturizing it with hair masks and healthy diet, drink lots of water and stop cutting it so frequently! don't make excuses to cut your hair. don't cut it. don't let it break off. let it grow for as long as you can! and keep it healthy. take care of it. the spell is simply an intention that allows you to manifest longer hair. but you need to know what to do to manifest longer hair. i used to have longer hair and i cut mine into a pixie cut. but now i'm growing all my long hair out and it's growing because i'm simply taking good care of it and letting it grow as long as i can withstand it! side note: if you don't keep maintaining the health of your hair, moisturizing it, brushing it, shampooing it and conditioning it on certain days, putting in hot oil treatments etc...or hair masks you will see that the dryness makes it break off due to split ends! keep your hair nice and moisturized. keep it as natural as possible. and tie it up, wear hats or wigs on a day to day basis and just let it grow. don't cut it. don't let it break or get split ends. constantly moisturize your hair! you can use olive oil! coconut oil, thick hair conditioner, avacado + olive oil + greek yogurt (DON'T ADD HONEY TO YOUR HAIR!! DON'T PUT EGGS IN YOUR HAIR! ITS STICKY AND WILL TUG AT YOUR HAIR AND RIP IT OUT IF YOU TRY TO GET IT OUT!! USE COMMON SENSE LOLL) soft avacado mushed up in a bowl and pestle or smoothie blender, olive oil, coconut oil and greek yogurt. mix mix mix. apply to hair for 30 minutes, shampoo and condition it out of your hair. it should condition and make your hair nice and shiny, soft and supple. Good luck! Remember! spells are intention setting. it casts the effect before what you want manifests.

It Works!!!!!!!

It work

This spell works

A chant will not make your hair instantly grow. You are charging the hair with energy. Provided you do not have issues with your hair, you may see an extra half inch after a month. Nothing extreme. I would also combine this spell with hair products that help strengthen the hair and improve hair growth.

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