Eyelash Growing

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Makes your eyelashes so thick and long like me!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sink
  • Coin
  • Eyelash

Casting Instructions for 'Eyelash Growing'

Go to the bathroom , fill up the sink half way with water. Toss your coin into the sink. Say the following 5-10 times:

"Oh gods,Oh gods of the beauty
Please grant me my wish.
Of growing eyelashes to ---------,
And as wide as ----------
This is my will
So mote it me."

Throw your eyelash inside the water, unblock the drain and walk away from the sink.
Do this 3 times a day for a week. Then you'll see the difference. 

Added to on Aug 30, 2013
Last edited on Apr 24, 2017
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does what type of coin matter

Apr 26, 2019
I doubt it, but I also doubt this spell works. I would use a coin that won't block the sink since that's the only effect I see this spell having.

Nov 03, 2019
No, and don't listen to Nickoshema, she's not a believer of witchcraft anyways.

Nov 03, 2019
i do believe in magick, i've cast many spells and preform magick every day, i just know what is and isn't capable with real magick, so don't throw unfounded accusations at me

You cannot grow your eyelashes with Magic.

Again i would like to adress the maker of this site posts body changing spells so please i think he may know more than any of us

May 28, 2020
These spells are posted by anyone who is council or higher in one of the covens on this site. A few of the covens allow all members to be council within them. There is no test for what is real or what is fake in the posting process. The spells that are fake are letf on this site because they attract visitors to the site, many of whom join. This does not mean that they are valid, it only means that the meet the 'entertainment purposes' disclaimer on the bottom of the website.

May 28, 2020
Just because Pet posted something doesn't mean it's automatically correct. He could say the sky is purple, but it won't make ti purple. It just means he can get away with it because it's his site. It also says these are for entertainment [for legal reasons] and that he will turn you into a frog [as a joke] also if you read the "About Us" it explains quote "As the site grew, a group of concerned members approached Peter in 2007 with an issue. There was a lot of 'fluff', or nonsense on the website added by younger and more immature members. A solution was developed where knowledgable members could become moderators and help moderate the content of the site." So keep on trolling since you've got nothing better to do, but this has been explained to you more than once.

The oldest magic is called a glamour its used as an illusion of changing the body please research before commenting please and thank you

May 28, 2020
Please provide the proof for this statement. From the research I have done over the years I have found no proof of what the 'oldest' magic is. I would love to see your research that proves glamour is the oldest magic.

May 28, 2020
State your source on that, please and thank you.

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