Bring Back the Dead

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This spell is to bring back the dead.This is my frist spell I don't know if it is going to work if it do let me know.Start with something small

Casting Instructions for 'Bring Back the Dead'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 5 candles chalk a container
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 5 candles chalk a container

First draw a big pentagram then place the dead in the container turn it over place it in the center . Put the candles at each point and light them. Turn off the lights , sit in the circle and concentrate your energy and contact the spirit and chant  Spirit of the dead rise up again return to the place where you begin   NOTE : the room must be dark and quiet .


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You cannot bring the dead back to life. Even if it was possible, it would require more than candles and chalk.

Adding to Tadashi's statement, There's also a chance the dead could come back wrong.

May 04, 2023
You cannot bring someone back from the dead, but the idea they will be changed is a valid belief. Some say it's because the tether to the body is gone so you are calling to all spirits, but the more likely reason is once you cross over, you become aware. Those who are not ready to cross over wander the earth and have been know to become extremes of who they were in life. If someone had anger issues, they become vengeful. If someone struggled with depression, they could become a banshee. There are a plethora of theories about the afterlife and we could argue the morality of bringing someone back from the dead regardless since that is disrupting the natural order. However, it is not possible. Yes, some people are declaired medically dead and miraculously return, but that is not the same as digging up a corpse saying ''hocus pocus come back to life'' and they sit up and go about their day. If a resurrection spell works, it's in that liminal space where the soul leaves the body and is crossing the veil. None of this dead for hours or days or weeks nonsense.

May 04, 2023
I'd also like to add, death deities don't appreciate being cheated. There are many myths about people upsetting a death deity who punishes them when they finally die. Sysiphus cheated death on a number of occasions so Hades made him push a boulder. [but that was more because he promised Hades he'd return and didn't] In Egypt, there were spells and tricks to ensure safe passage between the worlds and one wrong move could spell disaster. Death comes for us all [not to be scary, it's just a fact of life] and while death gods aren't evil [honestly, most I know look scary but are kind and fair. It's just when you try to cheat them, they turn sour] there is this fear and stigma around them. While I understand the desire to bring a loved one back [believe me, I get it] there are far too many reasons why you shouldn't [the old ''with great power comes great responsibility'' thing. Think before you cast] however, as scary as it might sound, you can still communicate with spirits. Ancestor work for example. If a loved one dies [heck, if a celebrity you admired dies] you can add a photo to an altar and start working with them. It's different from deity work, but similar. You can leave offerings of things they loved in life and ask them for guidance, but they're more ''guardian angels'' who keep an eye on you and try to guide you on your path. [I don't want to make this too long, but if interested, google it]

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