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this will allow you to go super saiyan.

Casting Instructions for 'how to go super saiyan'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • anger
  • belief
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • anger
  • belief
Get pissed off. The cold-blooded murder of a friend in your plain sight is likely to provoke this.
Look down at the ground, drop your arms, and begin to focus your rage. You're going to need to do a lot of teeth grinding. If you start unintentionally rage-grunting you're on the right track.
Breathe slowly while flexing every muscle you have. If this induces tidal shifts, lightning strikes, and FPS (floating pebble syndrom) proceed to step 4.
Are you still flexing? You'll know if you can see every vein in your body. Tilt your head back while still maintaining that rigid posture. You'll notice a hair color change, and your vision will seem odd. This will be the first glimpse at your Super Saiyan form...or perhaps an anyeurysm.
Pay no mind to the stunned spectators around you. They could attack but are usually too mesmerized by your awesomeness to get wise and attack your completely vulnerable state. Once you see the ground crack beneath your feet the fun begins!
Now that your veins are bulging to a point of breaking, yellow energy should begin to envelop your body. You won't see this as your eyes will be far back into your head at this point. Just wait ten seconds or however long you think it's appropriate for step 7.
Scream like a motherf*****.
Congratulations! You are now Super Saiyan! Side effects may include berating your son, kicking ass like you never thought possible, and destruction of planets. Good luck, and let me know the results!


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You can use a similar visualization as something you saw in a show you like to help you charge or ground energy if that works for you, however, you can not ''go super saiyan'' because they are not real. You are a human.

Jul 03, 2019
well we can go super human, like super man, also to become super saiyan, you need to have your dna changed and become like a mutant/alien/hybrid. I mean not everyone can do it, and might not happen yet etc.

Jul 03, 2019
No, you cannot have your DNA changed and become superhuman with a spell. Magick can't grant over-the-top powers.

Jul 03, 2019
so, ignoring the fact Superman is a work of fiction and therefore not real, he's also not a human, he's an alien from Krypton who gains powers from our sun [wow, never thought i'd have to explain that one] you can't use a fictional being as an example when you're trying to prove somethings real ''this spell can make dogs talk, look at Scooby Doo'' it doesn't make you sound credible. also, you cannot alter your DNA [even with gene editing, that's not how this works] next, you are human, you were born human and nothing will change the fact you are human. [you might be reborn as something else, but right now, this lifetime, you're human] if you are expecting what happens in the show to happen to you, it will not. it never will, that's not how magick works. the closest you can come is as Tadashi said, and use it as a visualization technique when charging energy.

has it been tested

Dec 11, 2019
If it has been, I doubt the person got results. This spell is to achieve something from an animated universe, it isn't real and can't be done in the real world.

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