Flying (No Wings)

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This is a spell to allow you to fly, though it does not give you wings.

Casting Instructions for 'Flying (No Wings)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Feather
  • White candle
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Feather
  • White candle

First light the candle. Then put the feather in the candle. And say this spell 1 time only one!

"God and goddess please let me fly as I want to. I will fly to any place any time. I will do good with this power and if I do evil I will not fly. Please make my wish come true. So mote it be."


Added to on Aug 01, 2017
Last edited on Nov 17, 2019
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Does this spell really work?

Jan 04, 2019
A spell cannot allow someone to fly on their own, as cool as that would be. Gravity prevents us from doing that, and magick can't go against gravity.

Nov 22, 2019
We should all blame isaac newton for creating gravity

Dec 13, 2019
we really should blame him for discovering it.

Aug 27, 2020

What to burst everyone's hope.😔

Apr 19, 2019
ikr, those ppl are just on this site for the witchcraft, well i believe in it

Apr 19, 2019
witchcraft is an ancient craft where you work with nature. spell casting is different. magick is a natural energy found in nature that brings natural change. through spell casting, some believe they can direct this natural energy to bring a natural change. i've worked with magick for 15 years and i can assure you it does not contradict nature, it brings natural changes by effecting the energy around us. you cannot fly because humans cannot fly by nature, no spell will make it possible for you to physically fly. look into astral projection, or a pilots licence.

Apr 19, 2019
why do u say 15 here... but ur description says 10.. explain that eh?

Apr 19, 2019
Her bio says over ten, Jaina (as in, more than ten). Make sure you read things correctly before acting like you caught someone in a lie or whatever you were trying to do. Besides, you completely ignored all of the points she made about what magick actually is. Yes, I believe in magick, but no, I don't believe in spells somehow making someone levitate because I also recognize that gravity exists.

Apr 20, 2019
Why my account doesn't say when I started studying specifically? Because I don't feel like changing the number every year. My profile has said ''almost 10 years'' then ''10 years'' and now the ''over 10 years'' which gives me a 9 year window to change it. I started studying when I was 15, when I officially joined this site I had been studying for a couple years, but the first few years I believed magick was this powerful do all thing, and stuff like flight were forms of ''high magick'' I wasn't powerful enough to do. I practiced magick, I studied with my other pagan friends, I went to classes, read books, and spoke with people who have practiced longer than I have and I learned about magick. [I'm sure I was disappointed when I learned I couldn't do certain things, but for me it made magick more grounded and less fantasy which was something I felt for a long time] People like myself who point out the limits of magick to you newbie witches aren't doing so because we then sit back and laugh at you while doing all the cool stuff you wish was possible, it's because we've been there and remember how long we held on to this false reality and just want to help you on your path.

Can it be a fake store bought feather my mom doesn’t let me bring real feathers into the house

Sep 23, 2019
The spell doesn't work so it doesn't matter. On a side note, you can use fake feathers in spells, sometimes it can add to it if you use a feather of a specific colour [like red in a love spell]

Jan 04, 2020
Okay answer me this you say magic don't go against nature then explain to me how people get princess Everyday by Demons of not of this round by God's not at this round is that considered magic in that considered going against nature just curious here

Jan 05, 2020
I'm confused by your question Wizard [did you mean possess?] demons, gods, angels, whatever are not who determine what makes magick work. Magick is an energy that brings desired change. On the physical plane, it is ruled by nature and therefore cannot contradict nature. If a demon possesses a person they are not becoming a physical being attacking a physical being, they are from another plane of existence attacking our spirit. Our spirit isn't physical. Since this is all taking place on a spiritual level, the spell would be against the demon, causing the demon to be repelled, not on the physical, causing the person's physical form to be repelled. While, yes, spiritual issues can affect us on a physical level, it's not contradicting nature. You can become sick naturally [colds, infections, food poisoning] a demon wouldn't physically levitate you off the ground, it would weaken your body, which can happen naturally. As I said, magick is simply energy, you can call on a spiritual being to assist you in your spells, but the inclusion of a higher power doesn't make or break magick.

Apr 28, 2020
Can you suggest a spell

This spell may not work. But I highly recommend you learn how to lucid dream. Not only can you fly, but other great things aswell :D

Spells might be real. But this is not!!!!!!

Dec 19, 2019
no, magick has limitations, it isn't like the movies. on the physical plane, real magick has the limitation of nature. it is a natural energy that brings natural change. it cannot contradict nature because it is ruled by nature on the physical plane. if this was the astral, ethereal or any other plane of existence, it would act different. however, this is the physical, and there are natural limitations. no amount of belief will change this fact.

Aug 27, 2020
He was just saying that this is a fake spell, though

You cannot physically fly.

Is that even possible

Mar 10, 2020
As it has been stated above, no. Magick is a natural energy that does not contradict nature. You can lucid dream and astral project, but physically you cannot fly [ignoring the obvious ''but planes exist'' rebuttles]

haha humans a cruel breaking each other imaginations on the comments. Belief is the most powerful thing in the world

Apr 01, 2020
You can imagine whatever you like [you could write a story about it] nobody is saying you can't imagine yourself with wings. While belief is strong, it's not the trump card that makes anything possible. People believe vaccines are dangerous, but it doesn't make it true. If you studied how real magick works on the physical plane, you would understand it doesn't contradict natural law as it is ruled by nature. You could work with angels and/or faeries, even astral projection can do whatever you wish, but physically, there are limitations, and growing wings is one of them.

Mar 03, 2021
It isn't. People thought the world was round. Sure, a few knew it was flat, but the majority's belief meant nothing. The Earth didn't change shape. It remained the same

OMG someone give me a real spell

Apr 29, 2020
I'm afraid there aren't any. Magick is a neutral energy found in nature. It works within the confines of nature to bring change into your life. It doesn't work on the physical or contradict nature. You can work with air spirits such as angels and faeries, but you can't grow wings and fly because it's not in human nature to do so.

Nekoshema. I really appreciate all your comments. I am relatively new at this and have only starting studying and practicing consistently about a month ago. Your knowledge has been a big help.

May 26, 2020
Welcome, I'm glad I could help. Let me know if you need any beginner's guides or references to help you along.

I'm newbie here and I don't have idea on how to lucid dream and astral projection those are the only two ways e want I need your assistance

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