You messed with a witch

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This spell will curse the targeted person.

Casting Instructions for 'You messed with a witch'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing
When someone teases you or makes you really mad or angry just chant the following:

You messed with a witch
Now the witch will mess with you
This witch is now a bitch
Soon you will agree too


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Do u need to imagine what u want them to feel or just chant it?

Oct 11, 2019
wow, i thought they deleted this one [language is against site rules] this is an old school curse that works really well [i may know from experience *cough*] focus/charge all your anger and negative emotion towards the person, visualize bad things befalling them [stub toe, keyed car, late fees, breakup so on] then when you feel you are about to explode with rage, say this chant. say it as many times as you feel fit, and then go about your life.

Oct 15, 2019
You already know if nekoshema approves of a spell it's a definite good spell

Nov 23, 2019
Tinyguitars yup

I can't stop laughing! Good one!

Nov 09, 2019
No joke it works

There's still the 3 fold law so if i curse someone, won't i get cursed too?

May 14, 2020
Not everyone believes in the three fold law.

May 15, 2020
The threefold law is a Wiccan belief, not a universal one. This curse indeed works [I've used it a few times] but if you don't cleanse the area, this could cause the negative energy to affect you. Also, if the person be protecting themselves in some way, or notice the curse, it can be sent back to you and cause misfortune on you. Threefold law is rather misunderstood. It's not a bad case of karma, and you should determine your moral code before casting spells because even positive spells like love or job can have harmful results to others, thus causing harm and therefore the threefold law would do harm to you.

How do you know if the spell work I first use a protection spell on me then use this spell yesterday and today on targeted people. When I got up this morning I felt energized

Jul 20, 2020
Feeling energized after a spell could be a sign it worked and you feel more at ease/assured with yourself. It could also be a sign you didn't ground properly and there's still some lingering energy. How to tell this spell worked, you just need to act as if it did. Doubting it can send out energy that could contradict the spell. However, from personal experience casting this spell, bad luck will fall on your target rather quickly. It can be from the low end of a day of bad luck [late for work, stain on shirt, lost wallet, so on] to the extreme high end of a 2000$ ticket [both scenarios happened when I cast spells on different people] There's a number of factors determining how, when, and why a spell will/won't work so it's hard to pin down an exact list of what will/won't happen. Just stand tall and tell yourself it worked. Give it time, but you should hear of some misfortune befalling the target within a short amount of time [again, depends on energy, but this spell I find averages a week. One time it was within the hour, another time it was almost a month, but the whole thing I find averages out to a week]

Jul 21, 2020
Omg the spell works like my hands felt like they had electric in them and then my two friends were in two different relationships found out they were cheated on and my ex boyfriend girlfriend abort their baby and left him

Jul 24, 2020
The spell work but to the extreme like terrible storms and this morning my ex boyfriend girlfriend got arrest for a narf drug bust

Jul 24, 2020
Congratulations on the successful casting. [also, if you're starting to second guess your decision, the spell will run its course over the span of a month, so focus on yourself and give it time to die down. This spell is a ''splash in the pan'' type thing, from personal experience it'll hit suddenly and vanish just a quickly]

Oct 04, 2020
I often feel energized and good after spells as well. This could be a good sign it worked.

This spell is so fun to use. One time I used it and the man I used it on couldn't stop itching. Then a tree fell onto his car. Now he's single and penniless.

I tried the spell on a relative after an argument. I got results, that's for sure. I'm actually a bit sad for the relative, but she sort of deserved it. Firstly, she had to deal with my younger brother's incredibly loud screaming and crying when he wanted to go to the playground, secondly, she started coughing a bit, not much, but a bit. And lastly, bits of her toenail broke off. Like, more then half of it. Blood came. I sort of feel sad for her, but it's healed now and in the past

ive used this spell on a previous landlord who wouldnt fix things in my apartment.. and that very afternoon he was arrested for tax evasion. this spell indeed works well and its been around for ages

Do I say witch if I am male

Dec 29, 2020
Witch is a gender-neutral term. People of any gender identity use it. Basically, if you practice witchcraft, you're a witch.

I am very new to all of this and someone in my area has upset me and my husband badly and has still on going being a nasty nasty woman making our loves hell to live near her how to I stop this negative energy coming back to us please. x

Jan 28, 2021
When you cast any spell, you're charging energy. Negative energy lingers longer than positive, and this could cause some negative effects. A simple cleansing or house blessing should fix the problem. Curses aren't bad automatically, if this is self defense [since this person has been harassing you] you should be fine from any negative effects, but you will still be charging energy into you and your home, so just cleanse after and you should be good. I've cast this plenty of times and have never had a problem. Just have a bath with salt and maybe a few other herbs and you're good.

No side effects when I sent this one out. Hope it yields results since these people are messing with my livelihood.

Used this spell that someone did care about he’s going to jail for 2 years for cross of state of lines hope he’s get what he deserves and Avoiding my emails too

My cat is silently judging me now 😅

Well used working hex. Focus all of your hatred towards your target before chanting and continue to chant until you feel satisficed. This could be once, it could be a hundred times. Only you will know when to stop.

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