Blaze's Shifting Method

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Done correctly, this will allow you to control your shifts. Blaze also believed that anyone with a nonhuman soul could shift. While this has a wolf-focus, anyone can use this for any animal. tiger, deer, fox, dragon, etc.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ability to meditate
  • knowledge on your animal side

Casting Instructions for 'Blaze's Shifting Method'

I will describe the method for all forms of shifting. By popular request I will include not only rapid shift, but my general concept of long term shifting. If you know an animal form eligible for the rapid shift, then substitute the word "wolf" with "_whatever your animal is_"

There are 2 classes of shift, M and P. As you might already know, M-shift is Mental shift, and P-shift is Physical shift. The M-shift is where you induce instinct, thought pattern, and the base around which the P-shift is built. The P-shift is the actual change of the form of the body. There are 3 different subclasses of P-shift. They are Practice, On-Spot, and Long-Term. Before any of these, you must achieve an M-shift, and then, the first subclasses available are practice and long term. After practice, comes On-Spot, which is the true mastery of the P-shift. Long term is not a mastery, but a commitment. If you long term shift, you will never again be human, and once you have unlocked it, there is not turning back. Now that I have covered the basics, we are ready to proceed to the instructions, starting with the M-shift.


Warning! Shifting is a life change, it is not something to mess around with. Certain parts and consequences are irreversible. Do not attempt unless you are absolutely sure of what you are about to do. I reserve no responsibility for any action that you might take. Be aware of my warning. This REALLY WORKS when performed as instructed!


To M-Shift, there is a thing I like to call the 3IA of M-Shifting. Inspiration, Investigation, Imagination, Application. Those are all the steps to a successful M-Shift. Inspiration: You need to inspire yourself. Keep some pictures or other representation of a wolf nearby or with you at all times, and try to keep yourself thinking of wolves nonstop. At around the same time, you need to Investigate. Investigation: You need to find as much information about wolves as you can, and quiz yourself. Make yourself as much of a wolf expert as you can. After you are an "expert" you need to use all that knowledge you gathered and imagine it. Imagination: You need to draw on the behavior, minds, and instincts of wolves, and simply imagine yourself (to the point that you believe it) as a wolf, but not physically, mentally. Continue doing this until you are not only a wolf enthusiast and expert, but also a wolf at mind, so much that you feel that you are one at points, this means that the wolf side has taken over your mind. This is not a switch on and off thing. The M-shift is permanent, but it can be controlled so that you can fit in in human society. Once you M-shift, your mind is set on a permanent course becoming a wolf mind. It is irreversible, and can be set off involuntarily. This will definitely change you forever.

The next stage I will talk about is the Practice P-Shift stage. The alternate stage that opts-in here is the Long-Term Shift, which is 2 paragraphs down. The starting point of the practice P-shift is completion of the M-shift. Once that is complete, you must once again draw on the expert knowledge that you obtained in the Investigation part of the M-shift. You need to be able to picture the physical aspects of a wolf, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET, and bring it to mind again. You must then use the skill gained in the Imagination part of the M-shift. You need to first fire up that wolf mind and relieve all restraints and "release your inner wolf" in a sanctuary (somewhere that you can be alone, relaxed, and free of all distractions.) Then you need to get relaxed as deeply as possible, and gather as much focus as you can on what it would look like and feel like to be a wolf for a second, now, fire up that wolf mind all the way until you feel you are a wolf again. Now, imagine your human body as "what I would look like IF I was a human" and work from that, and how it would feel as a human, and what it would look like, then work on to what it would feel and look like to shift into a wolf. Imagine it as VIVIDLY as possible using all senses. Keep practicing, it might not work the first time, I also recommend focusing on one body part at a time as you practice it, because you will get individual parts easier. Eyes, teeth, ears, paws, those are the easiest few. The tail comes in just after these. Work towards your end goal with PATIENCE. If you are impatient, you will not get any results. Usually a full shift takes 2 weeks to 4 months to achieve. It depends on the concentration of wolf blood in you, the more you practice, the more concentrated it becomes. You definitely don't want 100% though (that only happens after PNR, and 3rd degree possession). Once you achieve a shift, I call the point at which you shift, the barrier. The barrier is also called the "sneeze" by some, because the nature of the barrier is exactly like a sneeze. It begins with a strange sensation that rushes across you, and becomes a burst that you cannot control. When you reach it, you will feel a sensation like a cozy warm feeling, then a feeling of energy surging through you (not painful), that soon becomes a feeling of clenching and flexing all over your body, and a strange feeling that everything your body is made of is changing. During this, your body involuntarily moved as if you are being controlled, and it leaves you helpless to control your own body, this barrier lasts anywhere between 5 and 50 seconds. It is important that once you reach the barrier, you do not panic, or you will terminate the shift, and nothing will happen. You need to just be relaxed as a rock and let the shift take it's course. Once you do, you will become a wolf. So at this point it is important to know how to shift back. In the first few shifts, falling asleep is usually enough to end it, but if you aren't tired, remember that staying a wolf on the first few shifts for longer than an hour can result in PNR passing, and being "stuck" forever. So the other method is to P-shift back, imagine yourself returning, you might need to use more strength and focus the longer you stay. Be aware of that. It is a more simple reverse method of P-shifting to turn yourself back.

After the Practice shift, you are ready to work on the On-Spot P-Shift. Take note that this one is the one with the highest danger factor for those with possession. In this one, you just need to practice fully flaring your m-shift, and focusing hard enough to induce a full shift while you are not in controlled circumstances. Best methods of training involve doing this while standing up. Practice avoiding distractions, flaring your focus, flaring your M-shift, and quickly P-shifting. It is important to emphasize focus, and dropping your humanity to the point you know you are a wolf on a moments notice. String everything together and practice to P-shift on a moments notice in a distracting and stressful environment. That is the On-Spot shift.

***This is long term shifting, it is the shift that you can never return to human form, which you can use to become almost any animal, it is not recommended. DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO GIVE UP YOUR ENTIRE HUMAN LIFE FOREVER. Now that you have been warned, this is just a concept, I cannot guarantee it works, because anybody who used it is no longer a human. The data I compiled is well passed in archives. It is not a common one, but under study, I find that it could work if performed properly. The Long-Term shift is long term in 2 ways. It lasts until you die, and it takes a relatively long time to be complete. First, you need to have some form of that animal's genes in you somewhere, and they must be in an active cell. You just repeat the actions in the M-shift, and Practice P-shift, but in the practice P-shift, you must focus day after day, and expect very tiny results. Eventually it will set you on a frictionless course to permanently becoming that animal. This one can work for animals of different masses, because the time frame allows you to gain or lose significant amounts of mass. This one is absolutely irreversible and inevitably results in possession. 


Please contact me for further help with shifting.

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While I feel it may be possible to mentally shift [or transform ones astral form] you cannot now nor ever change your physical form. You were born human, you are human.

Feb 28, 2019
You don’t realise the ones that cyan physicals shift are not just human.

Nov 05, 2019
Yes I do agree it is impossible to change physical form but isn’t it nice to dream once in a while

Apr 29, 2020
Nekoshema is just pointing out real and not real magick. Sure you may dream about it, but you cannot physically change your form. NonstopLD and Abysshb, maybe you guys should check out some beginner spells, seems like you need it.

Apr 29, 2020
Sorry, I sounded rude. I just was in a lot of arguments yesterday.

May 17, 2020
I understand why you point out these fake spells, Nekoshema. But I do think that you should let some of these people do what they want. Some people like to believe in this stuff.

May 18, 2020
Some people like to believe the earth is flat or vaccines are dangerous. Should we just let them believe whatever too? [sorry if that came off harsh] This post is from over a year ago, and plenty of people have pointed out the same fact [specifically what is and isn't possible with spells] If I choose to state a fact, there's no rule against it. If someone chooses to ignore it, again, no rule against it. I feel bad if these spells go unchecked for a number of reasons. The biggest one is, I've been on this site for a long time, and I've seen plenty of new members ask for a teacher, ask if a specific spell works, gets discouraged when their spell fails, and vanishes from the site [usually that takes about two weeks] So having explanations in the comments, I fell, gives it a little context. Yes, there's a number of comment sections that have become flame wars, but at least there's still the explanations [and on the more civil threads] a debate of both sides, so the new user, shy user, random person who stumbled onto the site, has context.

Firstly, this was copy and pasted from a really shady site claiming that physical shifting is real. Secondly, you can’t. Just stop posting these

It doesn't work!

stop posting fake spells!

You cannot physically shapeshift.

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