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Element Magick
By: Moderator / Adept
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Element Magick is currently seeking new, active members to help us revive the coven. I am also seeking council members to help me tidy up the coven forums, spells, and articles and promote activity within our coven.

Element Magick


In this day and age, its easy to be disconnected from nature and this beautiful world. We strive to reconnect with it. Element Magick is a group all about being in tune with yourself and the energies that exist around us. Our group is about honoring friendship, sharing goals, gathering knowledge as a team, and providing individual support for those who need it.This group strives to be like a home away from home, with a solid foundation for understanding and a true desire to learn about all things magick.

Element Magick welcomes all levels of experience. We work to help those just starting out on their path to understand magick and all of its many facets, as well as offering advanced topics on the occult and magick.

Some subjects of interest provided by Element Magick:

  • Tool's, Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, Grounding and Centering, Energy Work, Elements, Circle Casting, Chakras
  • Elemental uses in magick and their understanding in our day to day lives.
  • Herbs, Flowers, & Gardening
  • Sigil Crafting/Symbols in Magick
  • Nature Spirits & Guides
  • Crystals and their uses in magick
  • Advanced topics such as blood magick and cursework.
  • Veil treading & spirit journeys

These are only a few of the subjects being taught/provided when you join Element Magick . These will change and expand as the coven does, and as the topics arise, so be sure to check out our forums section as well as our articles and join us in chat! We look forward to having you here, and hope you enjoy your stay with us!


  • Click on the apply button on our coven page.
  • Send the coven Priestess a short mail about yourself, why you would like to join the coven, and your interest(s) and magic.

High Priestess Misanthropy

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Re: Element Magick
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We're still looking for members.

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