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Creating Gris Gris
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For those of you who do not know the practitioner's of Vodou have used Gris Gris in the form of magickal dolls, amulets, and bags in the pursuit of amazing wonders. Portable protection plays a good part as does building a link from one person's physical being with that of the spiritual, creating this amazing connection with the help or in the name of the Bondye and of course our more favorable Loa spirits. So I am going to make this short and sweet and get on with it, Gris Gris is not just an object its actually a branch of magick. All I am going to layout for you today is how I personally use this form of Magick and how I define it.

In this case I am going to bluntly say this kind of magick does not need specific items or words. You use what you have on hand, and you say what needs said for whatever thing that comes up that you need to use magick for. Honestly the symbolism in that alone is powerful you do what needs done when its needed and you use personal home items to do it. You also have to understand why we use a certain number of items and that each specific color and thing means something to the manifestation of the charm.

Example of using Gris Gris for Luck:

Lock of your own hair
Four leaf clover or four three leafed clovers
A trifle of something representing your Loa (I would use graveyard dirt for the Guede)
Leather poach (something you can easily carry in your pocket or around your neck)

In this case I would place the clovers in my mouth, under my tongue or in my cheeks. The covers are the last item to be added as I add in my hair first I would say my chant to infuse the clovers with purpose.

"Today I will remain unstuck, one full day without any muck, today IS my day of ultimate luck"
Hair first, then add in your Loa's representation (this case graveyard dirt), and then chew up the clover and spit them in the bag, seal that sucker up and there you have it!

If your deeply in the servitude of your Loa or the spirits in general always leave an offering, its just polite. Always research every item you use, go for symbolic connections to the cause, and be aware of what is poisonous or dangerous. Good luck!

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