Teen Witches' Guide to Spells

Teen Witches' Guide to Spells by Chown & Valentine

Teen Witches' Guide to Spells by Chown & Valentine

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Discover the wisdom and wonder of ancient and modern spellcraft in this invaluable introductory guide to magic. It's a must-have for every girl who's ready to release her inner enchantress and live a charmed life! Inside you'll find everything that you need to get started with divination, charms, and enchantments. Practical tips and techniques will help you to achieve the creative state of mind necessary for magic. You'll learn the secrets of potions and candles; spoken and written spells; and the power of your own feelings. Find out what your castings can reveal about your personality and destiny, learn how to bless and protect your friends and family and find your own twist on an ancient tradition. Discover the secret forces of the universe and unlock your own hidden power! A 5.4" x 7.3" Paperback book with 128 pages for readers ages 10-14 years.