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Spell Casting.

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Spell Casting.

Spell Casting.
Post # 1
I was wondering, how do you cast spells with some words. (not with like candles or anything just words) When I was little I always watched the shows, when the girls would just rhyme and point at whatever they casted, and it would work. Do you have to be born with the power to rhyme and point, or is that even possible? I know there are witches on here, and I always thought I was one, I can semi tell the future with people with a strong connection with me, and I've been cursed. How can you tell if your a witch? Are they real? If I'm a witch, I would really know how to use my powers, and it would be amazing if someone knew how I could access them.
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Re: Spell Casting.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There are several aspects to consider about your post, and deciding which order is difficult.

Firstly, 'witch' is a title, and not a special type of being. We are all human beings here. Some people choose to call themselves witches, some choose other terms based on opinion of which tradition they follow, and some choose no title at all. A witch is someone who practices witchcraft, to be very strict in the term, and to be less strict, it is someone who practices magic, in the broader sense, and who chooses to call themselves a witch.

Secondly, magic is not spells. Spells can be used in an attempt to achieve a magical result, but spells, themselves, are not magic. Magic, according to one broad definition (and yes, you will find others with similar or very different opinions on the matter, all of which are valid) change in accordance with will. Some people choose to work entirely on personal development -- that is becoming a better person, and some choose to affect the external world.

Spells are more than just reciting some rhyming verses and pointing at something. Spells are basically a small ritual created for a specific purpose. Just like any magical working, they take concentration, direction of will and intent, and a deliberate purpose. Not every spell is guaranteed to work, and rarely do they have an instant result. Largely, a magic working is more akin to throwing your intent into the mix of the fates to bend probability in your favor, rather than watching the world change shapes before your eyes.

Now that that is out of the way, you should have a basic understanding of what magic is and how it works before you begin any sort of a practice. There are a few very good threads on this site, which explain things independently of any particular path:

The Basics: Expanded


Starting Out:

Some things you should consider is that there are many things magic cannot do, and it is nothing like books and movies. It does not change eye color, grow wings, or turn people into other types of creatures. It does not bring inanimate objects to life, teleport, or levitate. The list goes ever on. If you are looking do to something like this, we will have a warning for you: It does not work.
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 3
Hi, I'm very new to the world of magic, but from what I read up to now is that actually everybody has some sort of "powers", that are not the powers TV portrait. It is more like a bond between you and the outer world, since we're made from the same matter. This bond may be noticed by some people, who might then get interested in them. They might start practising on how to use that bond. Imagine you were swimming: all around you is water, and water particles move in a chaotic way. Now imagine a pipe line, or a simple river: the same water is now disciplined what you may want to do with that. I suggest you to start with basic meditation in order to get a personal idea and a method to use your abilities.
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 4
Thanks a bunch, this will truly help through my life. Thanks for the links too. (:
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 5
Thanks too for the advice, it's going to really change I look at magic.
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 6
When I cast a spell I do try to rhyme the spell, it makes it easier to remember and I think it somehow pleases the Goddess that the spell is connecting to. The more you rhyme the easier it gets.
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 7
I'm actually on the opposite end of the spectrum; I've never really cared whether my spells rhyme or not, but then my practice is very informal, and I tend to make my spells up on the spot.
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 8
What spells have you casted, that have worked when rhyming?
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Re: Spell Casting.
Post # 9
That's such an amazing way, thank you for the advice.
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Re: Spell Casting.
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
What makes someone a witch?
In my opinion there really are only two basic ideas that help to define a person as being a witch. The first is if the person is walking a spiritual path that involves the use of magical ideals, practices, or principles. The second is if the person chooses to call themselves a witch. As to which one is the deciding factor; it is the latter. Many people who follow paths that might be considered magical or spiritual do not necessarily call themselves witch.

Is there such a thing as 'powers' like in charmed etc?
Not in the way they are typically portrayed in television. TV tends to treat magic like a super-power. IE; a set of individual tricks that a person is somehow granted or born with. Like one person being able to fly but not make a force field. while another can make a force field but not make things disappear. etc.

Magic is a skill that anyone can develop into with the right inspiration and effort. It just takes time and application of learning practice and effort. Now, to be fair individuals to tend to have skills or practices that seem to come naturally to them or that they have a natural predisposition towards understanding. But this is no different than with more mundane fields of study and has to do with the individual's attitudes, talents, and how they generally think, process information, and conceptualize ideas.

For example, some people are logical, fact-based thinkers and have a natural memory for data like numbers and facts. So mathematical theories and ideas come quickly and naturally to them while they might have trouble doing something as artistically basic as drawing a clean circle freehand. Other people are more focused in abstract thought and memory through imagery, color and gradient. They might be natural artists and designers who can pick up a paintbrush and make a mirror image of any landscape in front of them- but might not be able to remember (or care about) the difference between your and you're and couldn't spell a complex word right to save their life.

Just as with those mundane examples, one person might have a natural bent towards more analytical or literal thought, and so to connect well with magic they develop into a system of ideas involving bespoke ritual. Drawing circles, using sympathetic symbolism, sacred geometry, numerology, etc. Others might focus more on personal power and will, and so might have an easier time understanding the concepts behind magic through meditation, visualization, and energy working. And so on.

But these predispositions are not restrictions. They don't compel you to only work a certain way. It is just a natural inclination towards different ideas that might come easier or more intuitively. The only thing that would stop a bespoke ritual mage from sitting down and doing energy working or any other practice is if they believe that they don't have a talent or connection to those methods of work.

Is there validity or power behind verbal magic?
Personally? I believe so, yes. I actually see the human voice as the most powerful and effective manifesting force we have as a species. True, on its own it is just sound. But that sound is the physical manifestation of emotion, thought, will, and intent. Every thing we say, any time we say -anything-, it has an effect on the world around us. Even if it is as small as asking a friend to pick you up a cup of coffee, or as grand as being the incitement of nation-changing war. (gotta love politics)

Yeah, even something as small and mundane as asking for coffee. It's easy to skip until you really examine it, because it is so simple and -so- mundane. But break it down and think about it for a while step by step.

you think 'want coffee', you express 'want coffee' as physical sound, another person hears 'want coffee' and is inclined to act on that expression of your will to get you coffee. They return with the coffee, granting you the manifestation of your intent, as you have now gotten the desire that you put to voice. You feel gratitude and another intent forms to give thanks. You manifest that intent by saying 'Thank you'. The other person hears that intent of conveying gratitude, and they emotionally respond to that expressed (Energy) of gratitude personally.

Not bad at all for a few electrically charged neurons being turned into the flapping about of some bodily parts. ^_^
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