Experiences with Guides?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Experiences with Guides?

Experiences with Guides?
Post # 1
I've been interested in angels for a while but just recentl I've been getting curiosity for guides. Any shared experiences would be great! I have yet to contact mine I'm still trying but I guess they just don't want to at all. I do know angels don't just talk to everyone; but I'm hoping I might have the conditions set? Lol. Their vibrations are lower than other said "angels" right? And they are different because they work for us personally whilst other angels work for everyone. Can they guide more than one person? Sorry if this is a lot lol. Any information about them would be greatly appreciated. I don't know mine but I do know I love them and I would love if they were a part of my life. I'm hoping whatever I learn here will better assist me in my contacting them.
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Re: Experiences with Guides?
Post # 2
I work with an angel named Haniel. I've only recently started communicating with her, but I realize that she's been in my life for as long as I can recall. I've had two responses from her. She communicates primarily by showing me images of times; I research what the numbers mean, and they've always been answers to my questions. I've seen her while I was meditating once; she came into my visualization and sat beside me.
Haniel particularly resonated with me the instant I read her name, so I did more research. Luckily, since she is considered to be an archangel, there was some information about her symbols and associations. I found synchronicity after synchronicity clicking into place within my life, and after some meditation, I knew for sure that she is a spirit for me to work with. I can go into more details over the mail system, if you'd like.
I don't think I'm experienced enough to give suggestions, but I can share my personal journey.
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Re: Experiences with Guides?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I don't consider my guides as angels per say, but rather people I knew from past lives and other spirits I've made friends with. They do indeed hum lower than other angels. Not sure why. Hopefully someone can help you out on that front :)

Good luck in your search!
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Re: Experiences with Guides?
Post # 4
I remember of three experiences with them. One experiences is seeing a vission of a hand reaching from the sky to my Ajna Chakra, while I was meditating on it. Then, I saw a couple of hands behind my head while I was in the trance state. Next, when I was again in trance time ago I asked them to pull me out of my body and I saw green shapes, it meant "no".

No, their vibrations are not lower than the Angels's ones or even Demons's ones. The vibrations of any entity depends from emotional level and not the type of different entity. Your guides can have Higher Vibration than some entities, either they'll be Angels or Demons.

Angels are different from guides because they have different type of energy. Guides guide us yes, but not all Angels are in fond of helping the whole world.

Guides guide only the soul they are meant to, each soul has its own guides that absolutely match together so no need for any others. :)
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