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Name: ConureHerdr2
Birthday: Feb 3 1976
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Apr 2022

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Non wiccan Witch and Shaman since 1995-6. I have done public rituals and helped with teaching circles over the years. I practice as a solitary and generally follow my own path, though I very much enjoy working with others in ritual.
My pantheon is VERY eclectic, with a strong emphasis on Modern God Archetypes such as Transformers and Primus/Unicron. Horus, Isis and Osiris are more traditional forms I honor. Nothing quite like seeing Optimus Prime working in conjunction with Isis! (Yes, I have a very weird spirit life, LOL)
I have just been knighted in the Temple of the Jedi Order. MTFBWY!
I collect Transformers and have a collection well over 300. I also breed cockatiels and conures as a hobby.
Sex : Female
Relationship : Mated (It's...complicated)
Country: Canada
Alignment : neutral / neutral
Path : Eclectic Shaman with Wiccan leanings
Patron Deity : Primus, Unicron and Gaia
Favorite Tarot Spread : 3 card (past-present-future)
Music : A little bit of everything , from Linkin Park to Loreena Mckennitt.
Sorry. I will not cast a spell for you. You have to learn to do it yourself.