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Name: Fantasia450
Birthday: Dec 25 1980
Location: U.S New York, Staten Island
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Jun 2018
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Personal Bio

Witch/Wicca Rank in Practical: Newbie

Witch/Wicca Rank when it comes to knowledge and understanding: Skilled and Proficient

Proficient Spells: Any regardless of ingredients and methods

Spells That I Do Not or Will Not Do: Love & Sexual Spells

IQ Level: 111

Intelligence: Knowledgeable

Likes: Witchcraft / Research / Studying & Reading / Learning & Acquiring new Knowledge

Dislikes: 95% of Everything

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


"This picture in my profile is me when i was younger and also I Photoshop the background of my picture. I like to keep it that way if you want to know how old i am now. Then calculate my birth date simple as that and please don't ask me about nonsense, insignificant and irrelevant things as i have no time for those mundane related stuff, concerns and small talks and also i can tell if a spell is real or fake"

PS: "I might be just a newbie wiccan, witch or spell caster but don't underestimate me just because i cast spells often and not always. I may not invoke spells a lot but i assure all of you that when I cast a spell, just expect that spell to be strong because I have more knowledge and understanding about the craft and the way Thelema works and its relation to energy flow & manipulation and its rules and laws."

Note: "I Hate trolls and Fluffy Humans or people (those who role plays)"

My Darkest & Indifferent Side:

"I hate humanity as a whole. The only thing that i want to happen to them if it's possible is for this species to be eradicated out of existence! by an unknown, almighty and unseen force that is beyond comprehension, understanding and power."

PS: "I will only reply to people who I deemed as worthy or in equal with me"

My Chakra:

Root: under-active (6%)
Sacral: under-active (-12%)
Navel: open (31%)
Heart: under-active (-62%)
Throat: over-active (69%)
Third Eye: over-active (69%)
Crown: under-active (-6%)

"Blessed be my fellow witches and wiccans."

My Personal Quote: "All knowledge is good knowledge"