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Name: Fantasia450
Birthday: Oct 26 1980
Location: U.S New York, Staten Island
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 17 May 2024
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My Chakra: 22/05/2022

  • Root (-25%) (Under-Active) (Materialistic, Greedy, Refusing Changes and Obsessed of being Secured)
  • Sacral (69%) (Over-Active) (Very Emotional and Unpredictable) (Intensifiedas a Psychic Vampire)
  • Navel (62%) (Over-Active) (Dominating and Very Aggressive) (Intensifiedas a Psychic Vampire)
  • Heart(-69%) (Under-Active) (Cold, Distant and Heartless)
  • Throat(69%) (Over-Active) (Talkative and a Bad Listener)
  • Third Eye(-6%) (Under-Active) (Relying on Others and Beliefs instead of Oneself)
  • Crown(-38%) (Under-Active) (Ignoring Spirituality, Rigid and Logical Thinking)

PS: Spirituality is stupid and idiotic and people who are spiritual I hope that your higher selves will be consumed by the darkness because there is only DARKNESS in this reality. :) - Websitewhere I did my chakra test

Word of Note: "The Will of Darkness is mine to Control"

(Do not bother, mail or waste my time with none sense unless it is important or else, I am not a human for my true form is a Seraphim at the highest caliber and are different from human beings like you therefore I do not act the same way as human beings do, regardless of what they are or what they claim to be a demon, spirit, past life self or a deity. It matters not to me as I consider everything in this pathetic earth as unimportant and irrelevant. I will not respond to people's mails unless if I am in the mood to do so. Also if you know that you aren't human then don't be affected, simple as that I urge those people who are affected to think twice before they assume things and act.)

Witch/Wicca Rank in Practical: Expert

Witch/Wicca Rank when it comes to knowledge and understanding: Skilled and Proficient

Proficient Spells: Any regardless of ingredients and methods (but i hate spells with a lot of ingredients, especially those with exotic requirements that I don't have access to so I rather avoid those spells. However...)

Spells That I Do Not or Will Not Do: Love & Sexual Spells (I hate these perverted side of witchcraft it is disgusting and lustful)

IQ Level: 111

Intelligence: Knowledgeable & Intellectual

Likes: Witchcraft / Research / Studying & Reading / Learning & Acquiring new Knowledge / Eating Souls of other entities to empower myself and Being a psychic vampire.

Dislikes: 94% of Everything.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


"This picture in my profile is me when i was younger and also I Photoshop the background of my picture. I like to keep it that way if you want to know how old i am now. Then calculate my birth date simple as that and please don't ask me about nonsense, insignificant and irrelevant things as i have no time for those mundane related stuff, concerns and small talks and also i can tell if a spell is real or fake"

PS: "I might be just a newbie Wiccan, witch or spell caster but don't underestimate me just because i cast spells often and not always. I may not invoke spells a lot but i assure all of you that when I cast a spell, just expect that spell to be strong because I have more knowledge and understanding about the craft and the way Thelema works and its relation to energy flow & manipulation and its rules and laws."

Note: "I Hate trolls and Fluffy Humans or people (those who role plays)"

My Darkest & Indifferent Side:

"I hate humanity as a whole. The only thing that i want to happen to them if it's possible is for this species to be eradicated out of existence! by an unknown, almighty and unseen force that is beyond comprehension, understanding and power."

PS: "If you're going to mail me, make sure to have proper manners."

"Blessed be my fellow witches and wiccans."

My Personal Quote: "All knowledge is good knowledge"

One more thing about me is that i delve in to the darker sides of magic in other words, my practices in witchcraft revolves around negativity and destructive ways of projecting aura manipulation and astral projection. I love inverting the positive energy of magic into something malevolent and unwelcoming or maybe even aggressive and hostile, but that does not mean that I involved myself in satanic cults and worshipers as I despise beings that worship demons. Contradictory to what I do, I do not gain nor absorb the energy of a demon for my uses of negative and hostile magic but rather Itap into something beyond the normal understanding of witches and Wiccan. Something that they will never comprehend, regardless if they have absolute understanding of magick or if they are scholars.

"I am also a psychic vampire, I found that out recently even before I already had a feeling and a sense that I was.I already had the liking to be near a crowd and not just that, I also like having my friends all the time near me. I feel exhausted and tired when I am alone and for me, I can't easily do anything nor do I have any desire on doing anything if it were only me. I prefer having other people to accompany me, for me to drain their energy and to feed on it even with my friends and none of them are aware of what I am as unlike me, they don't believe in magick, witchcraft and the supernatural entities in this world. They even claimed that they are weak souls while they call me a brave soul, but anyway. I like to use my psychic vampire abilities for evil and for destructive purposes and yes I feel no guilt norshame when I steal the energy of others as I have little care for the well being of humans and other insignificant and lesser creatures and entities. I am not joking nor kidding as I am serious of what I said. Believe me or not it is your choice.

Note: I don't like talking or socializing, but if any of you have a topic about witchcraft or a problem that I might be able to help, then do not hesitate to say anything as I will not be mad at you. As long the topic involves magick. I will not respond if it involves around accusing my identity or image on my avatar or to prove my claims as none of you have THE RIGHT TO ASK THAT FROM ME, then don't bother as I will not respond.

A word of warning: (Tread lightly in my territory and don't annoy me as much as possible.)

"I am rarely online even if my avatar is highlighted indicating that I am active, but I am actually doing something else so if you are going to mail me, you must wait for me to respond, it may take from a minute to an hour but I always check my account for anything from time to time so don't fret."

I could care less of whom you people are, dimensional beings, demons, angels, ancient goddesses and gods. Don't threaten me nor challenge my will for I am also an angel who cares little for nobody and my rank is higher than that of a seraphim. I would even challenge the almighty divine god if I feel like it. So please save your souls now or rather your inhuman souls before they are strip from you. For all threats are empty towards me. Even LUCIFER is nothing to me as I do not fear anything, also I hate demons with passion and I see no reason for their pathetic kind to cease to exist. MAY THE VOID consume all and everyone that exist within the boundaries time and space, life and death. All ends the same, souls are souls and those are my fuel as I need them for my nourishment. So please don't challenge my power and authority, less you want me to make karma claim your life. :)

"I rarely offer help and such, so if you are going to ask me for some assistance may it be magical related or paranormal related. I might not be willing to help unless I feel like it."