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I am currently not taking any readings except from the people who I have already confirmed. Hi all! :) My name is Karen. I'm currently practicing casting and a little bit of source connecting. So I'm into magic and spirituality. :) I've casted successful spells in the past but please don't ask me to cast any for you. I truly can not do it very well I just got lucky. Lol. :) It happened only for things I wanted really bad. If I ever get back into a real groove of it I'll update people. However I do, do readings so if anyone would like an oracle reading of the sort you may message me. I am new to this however so remember it's just practice! And take all readings with a grain of salt. I've casted 4 spells in my entire life 2 of which worked. I also attempted to contact angels which didn't work. Ive received so many syncs that would make you feel magical and I've seen energy around people white light of sorts. I'm currently looking for a spiritual partner so if interested please message me. :) I think the learning experience of this kind of stuff is way more fun with a partner and no one in my life knows I'm psychic. Thanks for visiting my profile bye! :) I am currently not taking readings except from the people who I have already confirmed.