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Is Magic, Magic?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Is Magic, Magic?
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Is Magic, Magic?
Post # 1
"Is Magic, Magic?" sounds like a stupid question, but I dont think it is. Lately I've been wondering what exactly is magic. What sets it apart from other practices or religions (Wicca, in this case, from Christianity and etc)? Honestly I can't find a difference beyond titles and small fine print. Spells and rituals equal that of prayer and mass/service. Gods and goddesses are the same as angels and God (in a sense). Not to dismiss anyone or their opinion, but what makes magic magic? Especially if it has foundations in science/physics? Somehow, to me, it seems like the best combination of spirituality and science because both influence its nature of being.

Thoughts and/or ideas from anyone?
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Re: Is Magic, Magic?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Difficult to answer your question after centuries of prejudice against magic, or rather, witchcraft.During the rise of Christianity, and afterwards, Islam, witches were the "healers" of any community.But the Catholic Church wanted only their priests to do any healing; and especially counselling! So the stories grew.Witches made "brews",poisons. Could change into animals.They were "evil". The could fly on broomsticks. They were "devil worshippers." The Catholic Church made a very important man, Jesus, into a God,Devine, working "miracles".In fact using "magic". So it was taught that only God, or the Son of God (Jesus) was able to use magic; and healing was only to be done by the priests.
So, what is magic? Well, it isn't spells! A spell is a "request" for magic to happen; just like a prayer. My witch said this about magic:-
"Magic is the knowledge of the few, for the benefit of the many."
She died before the internet became what it is now, but she did once give the example of television; that very few people could make a TV set, or even understand how it works; but it is of enormous benefit to the human race.
So, is television magic? Yes, of course it is! But magic is happening all around you, every day. When I asked my witch teacher, "What, exactly,is magic?" She said:-
"Magic is changing one or more things into something entirely different. There is natural magic, such as a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Or applied magic, such as lighting a fire."
So, to sun up, magic is "changing things".There is nothing supernatural about it; that would be The Occult,not magic.
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Re: Is Magic, Magic?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Sorry! "Sum up".
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Re: Is Magic, Magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Kind of a broad topic since magic [magick, majick, majik and however else people spell it] can be defined in a number of ways. Magick [as in spell casting] involves tapping into the neutral energy found everywhere in nature, then directing it on a path to create subtle changes in the energy around us and bring your desired change. Now, this only works with energy and nature, a spell to find a new love works while instantly becoming a super model would not. You are correct in saying spells can be like prayer, it's more elaborate and might not involve a deity, but they are both about asking for help. [Excluding prayers of thanks]

Historically 'magic' was anything that couldn't be explained. The sun rises thanks to a deity but chamomile cures a cold because magic. Those who knew stuff, anything from what plants grow best where to what herbs cure what, was consider a sorcerer working magic. Over time, the positive view of witches changed and we get those riding broomstick, toad transformation, evil eye casting stereotypes. So sadly we have a few centuries of misconceptions to fix because witches went into hiding [though at a time where the iron maiden, thumb screws and the rack was a thing it was probably a good idea]

To be a witch you need to be wise, not specifically cast spells [though it's why most people join a pagan path] If you don't believe in spell casting magick, that's fine, and I do agree one could argue it's more of a placebo, but magic is and has always been more of a science [which isn't surprising that many witches go into medical or science fields]
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Re: Is Magic, Magic?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Yes, Nickoshema. That's as good as it gets!
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