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Solitary Initiation

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Solitary Initiation
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Solitary Initiation
Post # 1
Hello everyone!
I'm Lura, and I've decided to initiate myself as a solitary practioner on Ostara. I'm a christian witch, but I mesh several paths together.
I was wondering if anyone knew how I should go about doing it, or how I should set up my altar. If you would share your own initiation, that would be just as helpful :)

Blessed Be,

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Re: Solitary Initiation
Post # 2
In most traditions, solitary initation was not proper, or, say correct. Solitary initation, was seen as less of a witch, or wiccan.

However, in my veiw, you can do a solitary initation. A witch does not make a, witch. It's a self exploration. Based on the, individual, not the group. It is your connection with nature, and yourself. Thus to me, group, or solitary initation is fine.

Moving on, Ostara is an excellent time for initation, along with, Samhain. It's a time for new beginnings, so it makes sense. However, solitary initation is a big step. Never mind, initation itself. I can not emphasis this enough! So be sure, that your dedicated to the path deeply.

Once you do it, there is no going back. When you dedicate, it means your going to learn, and explore the path. While, initation : You not only dedicate yourself to exploring, you dedicate yourself to the life, thoughts, words, and actions. Once a witch, always a witch, i say! Remember, once you dedicate you have to realize, you may get press, either good or, bad. Each action will not only, reflect and bounce off of you, but to the itself. Pagans, and witches alike. So meditate deeply.

If you want help, i would highly suggest researching on witchvox. Or asking a moderator. Overall, here are some options.
1) Choose a craft name (optional) Ideas can be : favorite flower/tree/god/pet/animal/book/name/ect
2) Think what you want to be? What are your goals/hopes to attain?
3) Choose things to represent the gods(if you use any) the elements/ect
4) Decide if you want to invoke the : Elementals/watchtowers/ancestors/dragons/ect.
5)create a initation vow/or find one

Most of all, good luck. Message me for help. Blessed be!
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Re: Solitary Initiation
Post # 3
Thanks so much for the great information :) I appreciate the time you took to help me, I really am glad for it :)

Blessed Be,

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Re: Solitary Initiation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

"Solitary initiation" is a misnomer. An initiation requires both someone to initiate you and something to be initiated into.

When most people talk about solitary initiation what they are really talking about is doing a dedication ritual where you dedicate yourself to a particular spiritual path and/or a specific Deity or Deities.

This is no less important a ritual fpr the solitary than coven initiation is to someone practicing in a group. It can be, and often is, a life changing event. It doesn't make you any less a Witch or even a solitary Wiccan if you do this as a dedication (which is the correct term of art) or an initiation is done to you by someone else.

Think about what it is you are going to be promising to do, for that is what a dedication is all about. Are you choosing a particular God and/or Goddess? If so you might want to set up your altar with colors and items that belong to that Deity. Likewise if you are thinking of dedicating yourself to Witchcraft and not to particular Gods at this time, this might be a good time to put all of your tools on your altar so you can cleanse and consecrate them to your new purpose. Think carefully on the words that you are going to use to make your affirmation of your intention to dedicate yourself to your path.

You might want to have something to eat and drink on the altar for when the ritual is over to help ground you. And you might want to spend some time after you have made your oaths to the Gods to meditate on what you have experienced during the ritual.

Good luck!

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Re: Solitary Initiation
Post # 5
I am of the opinion that all initiation is self-initiation. nitiation into a group or tradition obviously requires other members of that group to inflict the change upon the sphere of sensation and to impregnate the subconscious mind with the symbol sets and names etc. used within that tradition.

This is all well and good and certainly has an effect. However, in most traditions, before the major initiations, the candidate is required to work to a certain level and develop certain skills beforehand- that is far more beneficial than any formal initiation ritual.

You can be initiated into the GD grade of Adeptus Exemptus, however, without putting in the work and actually achieving the goals set out, the initiation is useless.

Life is the greatest initiation the universe will provide you. People seem to feel the need to be initiated like it is essential in magic, it really isn't. Do the work, put in the effort, and reap the rewards.
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Re: Solitary Initiation
Post # 6
Thank you everyone, I can't wait to use all of the knowledge you've so kindly given me :) I hope I can help you some way in return.
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Re: Solitary Initiation
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Best of luck to you in your initiation or whatever you decide to do. Usually you require an initiator and something to be initiated into but you can choose a path and make vows to stay on the path wherever it may take you and be the best witch that you can be. Blessed be.
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Re: Solitary Initiation
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I know what you mean, but I think you want a self 'dedication' because you're not joining a coven but presenting yourself to your deities.

I don't know of your path, but set up your altar with items that represent your deities. If it's God/Jesus/Mary look for doves, crucifix, a Mary statue, and so on. Light incense [say frankincense or myrrh since it was presented to the baby Jesus] meditate then explain who you are, and what you have done to arrive on this path. Present an offering [cake and ale or juice and cake if you can't/don't drink] take a bit for yourself and give the rest to your deties [then place it outside when you're done] finally meditate and wait for an answer. You should feel something. When I did mine I started out nervous but by the end I felt happy and a sense of acceptance [if that makes sense lol]

Good luck to you.
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