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Name: 0greenwitch
Birthday: Feb 28
Location: USA
Gender: Female
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I am a practicing witch of 26 years.
I love the craft and find it to be very fulfilling.
I do not cast spells for others or write them for you.
I am a solitary practitioner although I have many friends in life that are witches.
I do not teach magick.
I am adept at reading Runes, writing and casting spells, herbology and have a few other skills.
I enjoy dream walking and lucid dreaming.
I also will do readings if requested.
I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy During the Gulf War and multiple campaigns until 1998 when I left the service.
I have a very unconventional way of thinking and view things from as many perspectives as possible before giving advice.
I don't believe in fluff, such as, vampires, werewolves, dragons, mermaids, shape shifting, controlling the weather, capturing spirits and hunting demons so don't even ask please.
Please no requests for relations.
I am willing to offer any knowledge that I have and in turn I would like to learn whatever you have to offer me.
I think that magic is a never ending quest for endless amounts knowledge and the workings of the universe.