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Do weather spells work?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Do weather spells work?
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Do weather spells work?
Post # 1
All my life, I've wanted to know that, but I didn't feel like trying until now. I'm tired of the years passing by with no snow.. It's only snowed once in my entire life..

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

If you live in an area where snow is very uncommon then no weather spell has much chance of making it snow. All you can do with weather workings is to work with the normal weather you get where you live.

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sure they can work. They're just like any other spell. This includes the circumstances for it to work too. It will be a successful spell depends on your experience, proper state of mind, colorof candles, etc. But most important, in this case, it still has to be in the realm of possibility(as stated above). Under the right circumstances, a weather spell could work to bring snow to your area. However if you haven't seen snow there in years and its highly uncommon, then its highly unlikely to snow even WITH a spell.

If your really determined to get it to snow, maybe you should cast multiple spells for the conditions needed to bring snow. A spell for cold, a spell for precipitation, maybe to blow cold wet air into your area.. Things like that.

Re: Do weather spells work?
Post # 4

I know mass consciousness works when it comes to weather modification, so if you can get more people who agree with you then it could work, but if it never snows, it could take many people to consciously think snow.

Re: Do weather spells work?
Post # 5
weather spells don't always work. think of it this way- you cast a spell to make it rain, while a dozen others cast a spell for no rain. Also don't cast spells just to see if they are true. Cast only when you really need to. If there is no use for snow, then why cast a snow spell. :)

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Nobody, repeat nobody, can control the weather. If you cast a spell for rain, and it rains, it is pure coincidence.

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

So Dezzy, if they do work (which I don't believe) did you ever make it snow in the middle of summer?

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
It has been discussed many a time about this topic, if only had you searched for it in the forums.
Weather spells; though some believe them to be true, but aren't reliable. As Lark mentioned, trying to make it snow on a place where no snowfall takes place will probably result in no weather change. Weather spells may or may not work, depending upon the prevailing weather conditions. For instance, if you cast a spell for it to snow on a cold place where snowfall takes place and the sky is covered with clouds, then the spell may increase the possibility to snow. But, if you are on a desert-type where the sun is shining brightly, then casting a snow spell will not change anything. That is why, weather spells are unreliable.
Though I do not put much faith in such spells, but I know that the above mentioned words are the main theology to weather magick.

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Shamans used to have to split clouds in their trials or bring the rains, although it may of been possible that information seems lost to us. As lark has said many times "magick works at its own pace and time". If you want it to snow where that is not possible then the chances are that it wont. If you are in an area where it rains and you wanted it to rain chances are it will.

However is this is due to luck or chance or the magick it is hard to say. (personal opinion)

Re: Do weather spells work?
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Weather spells are a grey area, some feel they work, others don't. [i'm personally on the fence] while you can cast a rain spell and it rains [see rain dances and other historical practices] one hand it could of been the spell, on the other it might of been scheduled to rain because of the patterns in your area. keep in mind, you are effecting everyone with weather spells, since you can't just make a storm cloud appear above your head, you therefore need to move whole weather patterns, causing other areas to get rain, or no rain, which may or may not need the water.

casting a weather spell for snow in the desert is very unlikely to happen due to the climate. [mind you the middle of the night gets rather cold, but i don't know if it snows] so one of the limits would be the natural climate [because magick is limited by nature after all] i suggest saving up some money and vacationing for a week where there is snow. keep in mind how much you would like to see because certain areas get more than others, and you don't want to be trapped in a blizzard. [while fun, three days indoors when you're due at work isn't ideal]

if you do choose to cast a weather spell, study first and decide for yourself if they are possible or not. if they are in your opinion, think long and hard before casting. like i said, you could cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people.

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