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Name: earthlight
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Hello, may the elements and the spirits of earth and waters blessings upon you.
What is the point of knowlage if it is never used? Gathering knowlage is good but never using it makes it useless.
My dear priestess Artindark is my war and i am her peace together we are opposites that make a whole.
All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.
Casey Stengel
i look at a lot of areas of magick not just one for example i look at areas of shamanism, druidary, dragon magick, shielding, healing ect also do some tarot reading, orical and rune readings.
Oh and one thing. just because im nice dosn't mean im harmless.
The Basics:
Meditation, visualization, grounding/centering, energy flow and control, shielding and circle casting, elements, days, colors, tools, moon phases
living life to help your self mean you achive little helping others even just a bit means you achive so much more
Its only when we fall that we know if we can truely fly
And if you have time to regret you have time to act
Apon this gravely field we walk side by side walking unto the enemy. We do not despair we do not hide for together we stand against any foe. We rised from the ashes of our formal lives and grew into some much much more. We are together Immortals Keep.
what i will not do
1 give useless tarot readings
2 talk about any fluffy topics
3 tolerate idiots
4 argue with you
5 cast spells for you
what i will do
1 help you to learn
2 dedicate my time to helping you
3 share my knowledge and experiences