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Silky's Palmistry
By: / Novice
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Hey all! This is going to be a course in the art of palmistry. Most of this was taught to me by my mother when I was young, but I'm also using a reference book by "Cheiro".

Usually the subject of palmistry brings to mind the reading of the creases on and around the palm. However, a lot can be revealed by the actual shape of the hand and the digits.

For the first lesson, I am focusing on the seven basic hand types. These are as follows:

1: The Elementary Hand.

The elementary hand is the most basic hand shape. It is extremely short, squat, and almost primitive looking. It looks squashed together. It is believed by some that people with this hand are the closest to animals. Such people tend to be lacking in imaginative or cognitive capabilities. Also, they are 'animilistic' in their control and expression of emotions. The thumb is noticably short.

I have seen very few hands of this kind., and the ones I have seen are in people who clearly have social and learning disabilities.

2: The Square Hand.

Such a hand actually appears square, both the palm alone and the hand as a whole. The fingers themselves have a square cut appearance, and the thumb is long. This is the hand of the earth people. They are practical and useful people, solid and methodical. They are governed by reason, and live from habit. The long thumb indicates that they are stubborn and determined. They make great business men and scientists.

3: The Spatulate Hand.

When we come to this hand, it starts to resemble and old tree. It looks irregular, with spatulate tips of the fingers. These people have realms of creativity, drive, and imagination. They are unconventional and emotive, - quite the opposite to the square hand. These people are original thinkers, and will excell in whatever they feel driven to do.

4: The Philisophic Hand.

This hand is long and bony, with knotted joints in the fingers. People with these hands tend to be sedintary and studious. The knotted fingers indicate detail in work or study, and the capacity for thorough thought and reflection. If you have a philisophic hand, you can consider yurself palmistry gentry!

5: The Artistic Hand.

This hand is very graceful in appearance, the fingers tapering elegantly. It is also called the conic hand. Te term "artistic" reflects the temperament of it's owner. The artistic hand loves the emotional and the aesthetic. They are sensitive, in all ways, and will of course be immersed in the arts in some way. With the love of art as a given, how firm the hand is will determine the likelyhood of the person to create the art themselves, rather than appreciate passively.

6: The Psychic Hand.

This hand is one f high mentality, but in day to day living could be the least successful of all, due to dettatchment from concrete reality. The hands appear frail, fragile. They look like the hands of an elderly person when on a young person. They are beautiful, but clearly not designed for labour, they cry out for protection. Such people may suffer physical ill health.

7: The Mixed Hand.

Clearly, this is the mongrel of hands, and truly the most frequuently occuring. In understanding hands, we can see aspects of the described types and create a balanced reading. A truly mixed hand is the epitome of versatility, as well as great skill in many things but master of none. A general worker who is well adapted. A strong head line on the palm of such a hand would suggest the potential to highly achieve in an area.


Here is some information about thumbs and fingers. There are three basic digit types here: The smooth; the square; and the knotty.

First, some interesting correspondences. The first finger is the finger of Jupiter. The second finger (middle) is the finger of Saturn. The ring finger is the finger of the Sun. The pinky is the finger of Mercury.

For example, my Saturn is comparably long, meaning that I have a love of solitude and study.

A wide space between the thumb and Jupiter finger denote independance of will and fearlessness. When wide between second and third, this means independance of circumstances; and wide between three and four, independance of action. So, spaces convey areas of independance.

My fingers curl upwards/backwards, it's a bit freaky hehe. This shows that I'm open minded and quick to grasp ideas. However, I lack the ability to stick at things, like found in those with firm, stiff fingers. Those who's fingers oppose this, have more difficulty with new ideas and can lean towards caution and that which is well established.

Jupiter Fingers : When long, they show love of power and command over others. When short, pretty much the opposite, - lack of responsibility and ambition. For a long Jupiter, just imagine someone wagging their finger at you! xD

Saturn Fingers : When long, as I said above, and when short denote frivolity and difficulty in taking things seriously.

Sun Fingers : The ring finger, of love. When long shows giving of love, and a love of aesthetics. He desires celebrity and fame, but when very long this can get out of hand, as it were, and turn into risk taking, gambling, and love of money. When short, total opposite of this.

Mercury Fingers : Long pinkies lend to mental power, gift of languages, and good expression in speech. Again, the opposite when very short, it's said that a crooked pinky shows someone who you should be wary of.

Smooth-jointed fingers tend towards impulsiveness, more so than those with knotty ones. Knotty people are more inclined towards reflection, love of detail and tend to organise and plan well.

Most people are a mixure of everything in Palmistry, like a particularly smooth pinky might show someone who can't stop talking, or who doesn't think before they speak. xD

To be continued...

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Re: Silky's Palmistry
Post # 2

Wonderful post like always, Silky :)

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Re: Silky's Palmistry
Post # 3
This helps very much. :)
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Re: Silky's Palmistry
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You're very welcome. More to come very soon :)

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Re: Silky's Palmistry
By: / Novice
Post # 5

About the Nails

When I refer to length of nails, I just mean the part that's attatched to the skin, not whether or not someone chooses to grow their nails, although this in itself can tell you much about a person simply thinking of lifestyle with some common sense.

Very long nails point towards a frail disposition. Such people are more liable to problems with the lungs and chest, especially if there is ribbing. Ribbing (grooves) can also be seen with people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Ribbing in a shorter nail can indicate that the vulnerability is nearer the throat, - laryngitis, thoat infections, and bronchial problems. All these are underlined if the nails have a bluish tinge, fragility indeed. The blue tinge can indicate circulatory problems.

In the nails we need to look at the white bit at the bottom, the 'moon'.Shorter nails with a barely visible moon can point towards a less than great heart. Of course, be sure that the appearance of nails isn't simply the result of poor manicuring.

When nails appear very 'flat', like they're almost embedded into the flesh, the person could have nervous problems. No need for any alarm, simply part of their personality, unless you see a ridge that goes crossways, which isn't the result of an injury. It's the mark of history, the sign of an event, trauma, or illness that quite literally left it's mark.

As the Saturn finger grows the fastest, and the thumb the slowest, you can actually pick out the timing if you're clever. Or at least notice it by observing your own hands. You can make a small dot on each your own nails with a permanant marker to chart your own calender. :)

Small white flecks on the nails are a sign of being generally run down, attributably to stress, diet, illness and so forth.

Narrowness of the nails are related to the spine. Very narrow nails, - weak spine, with added curvature this indicates need for medical attention, or shows that there has been in the past. Wide nails are opposingly indicitive.

Back to moons, - large moons denote good cardiac and circulatory sytem. However, if they are noticeably large, like you'd look twice, then this system is overactive. There are many conditions that can cause this. (I'm writing about folklore, not medicine). In contrast, small moons indicate underactivity in these areas.

As a footnote on nails, - upon death, the moons are the first to begin to look blue, then the whole nail goes through various stages of blue until it's almost black.

I want to stress that this is folklore, not medicine. Holistic medicine is very advanced in hands and health. This is just one point of view, just a tradition :)

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