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Pendulum for Healing

Forums ► Magic Items ► Pendulum for Healing
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Pendulum for Healing
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Pendulums are dowsers.A
divination tool. A pendulum can be a balanced object of any weight that
hangs from a chain of leather, metal or cloth. The pendulum itself should have a bluntor sharp point. Healing pendulums dowse the body's chakras, or energy centers, releasing blocked chi (energy). Always perform pendulum
healing in a meditative state.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pendulum

  • Pendulum chart

  • Chakra chart

1.Detect chi blockages. Hold the
pendulum by the chain over the
person's body. Hold the chain
lightly between the thumb and
forefinger. Relax your wrist.

2.Start with the crown chakra,
repeating the steps with each
chakra. Hold the pendulum over
each chakra to determine

3.Relax until the pendulum stops
over each chakra. Remain
motionless. Allow the pendulum
to create its own motion. If the
pendulum moves in a circular
motion, there is no blockage. Move on to the next chakra. If the
pendulum moves from side to
side, you have detected a

4.Ask the pendulum to heal the
blocked chi. Try to release the
energy, allowing it to flow freely.
When the chi is balanced, the
pendulum will move in a circular
motion and will stop, indicating it is time to move to the next chakra.

Source: www.ehow.com/m/ how_4897401_use-pendulum- healing.html
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Re: Pendulum for Healing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am slightly confused from few things .I do not know if it is only me ,but i got the impression that the tool does the entire work and the dowser is simply holding it .At same time we are supposed to allow the pendulum to move on its own accord ,but we never asked it which direction corresponds to what kind of condition for us personally . It was simply assumed that those directions will work in same way for us as for the creator of the thread .W what actually move the pendulum is not the pendulum having its own mind but our subconscious .
Something i find rather puzzling .Also i have heard from folks that female and male chakras spin in opposite directions so what is valid for female chakras may not be valid for male chakras ,when it comes to assumption if they work correct or not .Pendulum is a tool it indicates things again through us and it does not fix any chi ,we work with the chi .Also if i am about to use any terminology that go well will the chakras i would go with prana not with chi .Why all this issues have not been explained before copying and pasting ?
To me the author of this thread has never considered the idea that whatever works for him may not work for others ,and it is really basic in dowsing that you do ask your tool which direction stands for which kind of answer .Also people who work extensively with chi(prana ) are aware of blockages and disbalance in most cases they do not need to divine to get the idea .Chi does not flow through chakras it flows through Tan Tien (they are only three ) and through meridians according Chinese .Those are called with different names in hindu such chakras , and marmas .
So if we go with terminology used by one culture we at least should stick for it in the name on consistency and in order to cause less confusion .
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Re: Pendulum for Healing
Post # 3
Good point
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Re: Pendulum for Healing
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I think I might give this a try, couldnt hurt I suppose.
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Re: Pendulum for Healing
Post # 5
the subconscious mind does the moving, the pendulum is only a method of accessing the subconscious.
I always ask it to tell me what is yes and no. I then ask if it will work for me now.
For balancing the chakras I just hold the pendulum over the chakra and let it spin which ever way it wants to. I am assuming that the subconscious knows what is best.
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