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Name: Artindark
Birthday: Jan 19 1981
Location: Wonderland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 18 Jul 2024

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Coven Title: Priestess
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If a member called QuantumLight messaged you randomly to annoy you on purpose please send me mail.

I am not vampire, and I cannot turn you into one or in any other creature. Please stop messaging with this nonsense.

If you want to get to know me and my craft better feel free to follow my blog on tumblr, and watch my videos on YouTube.Both are linked above. Do not send application for my coven in my blog inbox. Do not send me messages to argue about your gag and/or explain yourself in my blog inbox either. Both will be deleted immediately.

I often burn too bright like a massive white star during the day, and then I collapse into myself every night. I tend to be very paradoxal human being with cataclysmic tendencies when it comes to mental and emotional states of existence, so I use my strong willpower to balance myself.I am also the rarest INFJ personality type.

I bleed colours into darkness.

Formaly known as Artemisia and Webwaver.For the record Artemisia24 is not my account.I am not her and she is not me.

"The deepest craving of human nature is the desire to be appreciated" William James

Being understood is being appreciated.Understanding and appreciation are the greatest gifts a person can give to another fellow being.By doing so you empower them enough to be able to stand on their feet and fight for their dreams.

"The road of Logos and rational action is often paved through the Pathos" Aristotel

List of my studies and experiences:

I am a student of the Kabbalah centre under the guidance of a tutor.I am currently doing the third level course of Lurian Kabbalah.


I have been initiated in Munay-Ki (Healer's rite and Bands of Power rite) .

I have an Orthodox Christian background and I follow some of our traditions and rites out of respect for my caregivers,ancestors and lineage.

I am an eclectic practitioner,and do not follow strictly particular pantheon,path or deity/deities.I have experienced what is most commonly known as The Light, and I have ultimate respect for this presence.

I work with messengers of The Light,which are most commonly known as angels (there are different types of them).

I come from a long blood line of mediums(four generations I have traced down) and mediumship alongside with channeling are one of my oldest spiritual practices.Thus, I am able to host spiritual beings( the dead included) within my own energy field and share conscious with them.

I practice dowsing and various types of divination.

I am an empathic being.

I have particular love for herbalism and toxicology, and I am certified holistic therapist.

"We do not see things as they are;we see things as we are"

Anais Nin

"Where there is perception,there is deception"

The Buddha

Additional practices


Tai Chi


Silk reeling