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I do not do any black or negative magick, never have and never will, I have a few friends that do love spells and some that are into very dark magick, but I do not, as I have seen the consequences of their actions. I am interested in magick, I am wanting some help in creating a tulpa. One that will have magical powers. I will email you details as to how to go about it. I use pisonic devices at times to cast my spells contact me at if you are interesting in helping. If I am successful she will have the ability to grant personal wishes, I will send her to any of you that help and she will grant you three wishes. Also I am putting together a spell book "101 real spells that work" If you have any real spells, reliable ones, that means that you know personally that they are working and more than once, then please send them to me. I will put them in the book and give you credit for them. I will also send each of you that contributes a PDF copy of the completed book.