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Focus on the Good.

Forums ► Comments ► Focus on the Good.
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Focus on the Good.
Post # 1

Alright. So I've noticed people constantly complaining recently about how this site has problems, or this site isn't good enough. Now, I understand there may be a few little tweaks needed, but overall, I find people are just throbbing on the bad things. To shed some light, how about things I adore and Love about this site.

- Membership to this site is 100% FREE. Some sites you have to pay for membership. The only thing you have to pay for is the store items.

- This site has knowledgable individuals who will answer respectively when you ask questions. Whether it is in the forums, or in the Chatter, you are still answered. :)

- This site is a free source of magickal information. You don't have to spend a lot of money on books. You can read some articles on this site. However, make sure to use common sense please.

- There are online covens. I find it to be a benefit, because some people cannot be in a local coven, so they can be in one on this site.

- Free Spells. The spells are 100% free (Besides supplies and things like that). They are free to cast. Now also remember to use common sense please.


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Re: Focus on the Good.
Post # 2

Ah yes. I find this site provides good information. But the best you could find would most likely be in a book.

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Re: Focus on the Good.
Post # 3
Having lived for many years as a solitary craft worker, the issues on the site are far over shadowed by the tremendous amount of happiness I get from being able to work and learn from others here. I have made some wonderful friends and fellow coven mates, some that are now like family to me.

Hex your so right so many people complain about the little things or this and that just not happy with what they have, when there is so much they take for granted.

Thank you for making this post, I hope that everyone will think to look on the brighter side for a change.
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Re: Focus on the Good.
Post # 4
What can i say i'm a fighter i see injustice i fight to expose it. Yes this is a good site thats why im upset when people are constantly kicked from it for very idiotic reasons and power trips. Magick has a bad enough name already we don't need these antics ruining it any more. As for the questions yeah no stop denying it they only get answered respectfully if its nothing fluffy related. Someone asks about vampire and its like oh no the world is endin gang up on that guy. Just because i complain about things dosen't mean i think its all trash i just point out that people complain of drama when its created from inside and out ;)
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Re: Focus on the Good.
By: / Novice
Post # 5
^_^ very nice post, i'm so happy to see a positive one. this is one of my favourite sites actually. when i started out [back why i was very picky about joining sites] i'd frequent visit SoM to read articles and spells. eventually i made this account, but i still kept to myself for years. once i started talking to people, i started liking this site more. this site may not be perfect, but i'm not looking for perfection, and those things wrong with the site, are either so small i don't notice them, or they're things we as a community could fix. i've seen the problems i have get fixed over the years. i met a lot of mean jerky people in the past, now they're pretty much all gone. like i've said before, one year ago, there were tons of fluffy posts. while they're not 100% removed from the site, i have barely seen anyone say 'i'm half faerie half vampire and it's all thanks to this spell _link_'. that's a major improvement.

if we all pulled together [got that sounds corny] we could fix the non programming problems on the site. if we all voted down the fluffy spells, we all worked to get them deleted, we all helped with the community things, this site would be fine. like you said, this is a 100% free to join site with people who know what they're doing, willing to help, free spells, articles, and even links to reference sites to help anyone starting out. so whats the point in making hundreds of forums about the store being outdated, or the chat needing an update, or making a SoM app for your phone. yes, these things would be neat, and i too wish the links to delete spells were deleted as well, but still, they're things that aren't due or die problems. fun little things on the infinite 'to do list' of life.

call me what you will, i've been on this site for long enough [about as long as i've been a Witch in fact] and i haven't seen it get worse in almost 10 years, i've seen it slowly get better. yes there's been people [not programming, can't think of a single site error actually] who have made me want to leave [and at one point i left SoM for a while as a result of some people] but i'll continue to come back because i like the site, like the people, like the information, and sometimes i enjoy window shopping in the store lol.
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