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Crystals and Stones

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Crystals and Stones
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Crystals and Stones
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I dedicate 8 years to learn and feel the stones and still in quarter way on my research and would love to share with you my little knowledge,some sources I got from my friends in same field and from the Russian book without cover but i found out it was printed by Sharonov.

Minerals,Stones and their influence.

AVENTURINE- usual color is yellow,blue, green, black .
Avanturine is helping to fight hair fall, dermatitis, by wearing this stone you can reduce blood pressure, will help to fight cold and help to heal wounds.
Avanturine is a talisman for keeping happy mood, helping to gain optimism and confidence. influencing on heart chakra, projective yang

AGATE- usual colors of this stone are beige, yellow, greenish, and almost black
Agate is helping to increase potency, healing cough, helping to fight fear and infections and detoxication. There is opinion as well that this stone can prevent influence from radiation. Protecting from energetic attacks and energetic vampirism. Influencing crown chakra, receptive Yin

AQUAMARINE - usual color is sea color,but you can find blue stone with yellow center inside.
Aquamarine can help to reduce thooth pain, good to wear who has issue with lungs, skin problems, stress and fear. It's a traditional talisman for people who works on the sea. This stone is symbol of friendship, honesty, and bravery. Influencing on throat chakra, controling breathing organs, hearing sense, receptive Yin.

AMETHYST- colors starting from dark purple to light rose
Amethyst is helping to reduce nevrous irritation, it's giving calming effect, good as sleeping aid.
Amethyst is very spiritual stone and representing purification, virginity,loyalty.
If you place and hold this crystal between eye brows its will help you to get inner peace,motivating in opening third eye. Reducing souls pain ,clearing mind and fulfilling aura with positive energy. Influencing on third eye chakra helping to accomplish with ideas and gaining activity. Receptive Yin.

ALEXANDRITE - has a green color in day light and getting violet red in created light in the room.
Alexandrite positively affecting on nervous system ,helping in problems with gallbladder, influencing in spiritual rebirth. Mediums using this stone to increase intuition and see the future. Influencing Heart chakra, chest, spine, and opening love to people. Projective Yang.

BERYL- we can find many colors,starting from light blue, dark green, red.
Beryl is good to wear to fight gynecological problems, virus,cold. This stone brings in positive energy and "pulling" out negative energy. Remove tiredness, professional practitioners usin this stone in meditation and trance. Helping a lot during preparation in exams, because it's sharpening mind. Influencing on Heart chakra. This chakra related with strength. Receptive Yin.

BOVENEY- colors are dark green,light green
Boveney is bringing balance in heart activities, good to wear for patience after heart strockes, and beneficial in healing diabet. It's a talisman of loyalty! Best to use in meditation. Influencing on Heart chakra, receptive Yin

VERDI- green color can be with yellow and red spots
Verdi is stimulating ALL chakras and activate circulating energy of Kundalini, has effect of "cleansing" blood from exotoxins. Helping to reduce dizziness. Many professional practitioners believe that this stone can help to activate genetic memory and give a key to the knowledge. In difficult situation helps to find a right decision. Projective Yang ,influencing ALL chakras.

JET(lignite)- color is black
Jet is good use as small ball during massage, good to wear this stone during birth, good to hold during food poisoning. Jet is protecting from dark "power" , reducing pain during break ups in relationships. Influencing on Sacral chakra, related to emotions and visualization. Receptive Yin.

HESSONITE- reddish,honey,yellow colors
Hessonite is a symbol of teaching. Helping to realize mistakes, guiding in studies and great guardian. I am advising to wear for people who has asthma, this stone can fight with hallucination and motivating in creativity. Influencing Throat chakra. Projective Yang.

GOETHITE- colors are dark red ,black
Goethite is good to wear to bring himoglobins level high. This stone representing forgiveness and kindness. Helping as well to reach goals, influence on Solar plexus chakra. Receptive Yin.

GARNET- color of of pomegranate seed,red, dark red.
Garnet is protecting from wounds and poisonous bites, helping to reduce high fever and good in redusing headache. Garnet helping to keep away depression and brings happiness and good mood, brings bravery,confidence and self respect. Black Garnet is helping to communicate with passed away souls. Influencing Root chakra. Projective Yang.

SMOKY QUARTZ- color is golden light brown , light grey.
Smoky quartz facilitate communication with spirits. Helping to get rid of stress and pain. Smoky quartz is a symbol of awakening , reducing aggression, helps to bring your real thoughts from inner world out to utilize it in rituals. Gives power and strong believe. Influencing Root chakra . Receptive Yin.

JADE- white, pink, even blue,dark green, light green.
Jade is a symbol of energetic stabilisition, fixing affected bio energetic environment of human beings. Calming impulsiveness , good to wear for people who works a lot with computers, calming eyes from tiredness,Influencing on Heart chakra, Receptive Yin.

EMERALD- color is green, yellowish green
Emerald is calming nevrous system and removing stress, good as sleeping aid, helping to fight infections, infection of urin tract, healing diabet, burn, pain in heart, reducing blood pressure, helping in healing psoriasis.
Emerald is a stone of wisdom and Hope. Attracting wealth, fighting with a lust. Brings strength in memory, scare away nightmares. Good to practice with this stone during phylosofy researches. Influencing on Heart chakra, receptive Yin.

LABRADOR (labradorite) - usualy it's a blend of blue,green,white,pink color.
Labrador many believes that this stone can help childless couple to get a baby. Helping to fight pain in spine, activating metabolism. Labrador is a good as protection and help you to get the "truth" increase visions and help to interprate your dreams. I am advising to wear this stone to mature people who can be stable and predictable.this stone is getting power in full moon and getting brighter in color. Influencing Solar plexus chakra.

Dear friends, hope you will find it useful and it's only quarter part of all stones I mentioned here. If anyone is interest to get more info,please mail me. I want to thank my friend and adorable master for his help in my work with stones.if any mistakes you found please let me know. I dedicate it to my dear friend here who always smiles and make me happy, thank you for being wonderful Person.

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Re: Crystals and Stones
Post # 2
Thank you Darwish. I am certain I will refer to this post daily.
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Re: Crystals and Stones
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you my dear friend @ Pagan
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Re: Crystals and Stones
Post # 4
Thank many times,a I have stones here and needed to know what they are good for.
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Re: Crystals and Stones
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge Uni..
I am sure many will use this information in their arts. Keep on doing what your doing, you are touching the lives of many people on their path. Well done and once again thank you

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Re: Crystals and Stones
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

I've definitely favorited this so I can keep up with it. I really didn't know much of stones, minerals, etc but this post is very informative and easy to read. Kudos to you! I would love to see more of it.

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Re: Crystals and Stones
By: / Novice
Post # 7
How informative, and thanks for mentioning Hessonite, this article made me look it up.

Oh and in response to what I once asked You in chat, so Amethyst and Emerald make good suggestions to my coven members lol
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Re: Crystals and Stones
Post # 8
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Some of those you don't see listed very often.
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Re: Crystals and Stones
Post # 9
Thank you Darwish for this interesting article. I hope to see more artices about stones in future.
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Re: Crystals and Stones
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Many blessful thanks for your comments and thanks for motivating me to post another similiar thread, Blessed be

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