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In order to Not confuse anyone: I don't teach here! I am not a teacher and not a sufficient practitioner to teach, but would love to share opinion and experience about my practices. I am Solitude "witch" who never sticked to one certain path. I am not a shaman woman but involve occasionally in rituals, healing people and have my own believe. I am praying in all sacred places I find on my way. Never hesitate to pray in Hindu temple, Buddist temple, Sinagoga, Mosque, catholic church, orthodox church, under the tree, while walking, in my sleep. I believe in dark and light, balance is my symbol ! You don't have to be my friend or relative to love you, I love you, that is all ! I love to love. And at last, Please forgive for any confusion and misunderstanding and for my wrong expression in English, I might can say stupid stuff and didn't mean to do it. I am NOT ENGLISH speaking person, but do my best to comply. I am hamble and handsome person and can turn into evil old dusty witch toward aggressive snapping dogs. BE AWARE. With my love, respect, Darwish "Scio me nihil scire" - I know that I know nothing... Socrates" Mountains,mountains...fresh smell of blooming trees,mix aroma of melting snow,flowers are blocking my mind from the city of stress. Sounds of the river,birds,dancing trees and singing Souma are taking me to the different world,world of my past life. Taking me to enjoy freedom,to dance around the fire place...lucky ME, to be around Gods and I am lucky because can SEE them everywhere,where I feel love,freedom and beatiful moon while dancing in trance in front of the same fire and listening,listening Souma's song of our path.............I do respect all Gods,but my God is more loyal and at least can laugh :-D "Darwish" " Knowledge is a dead thing, Knowing is alive and flowing. In fact some day in the future we will have to evolve a totally new language because all our old languages are out of date. They were evolved by different people,for different purpouses,in different situations. Now that whole things has disappeared but language is a hungover. Now we know both religiously and scientifically that in existence there is nothing static. Everything is always in movement. So instead of saying Knowledge I say "Knowing",instead of saying Love I would prefer " Loving". Osho