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The price

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The price
Post # 1
Hi, I'm new and I've been doing research on spells and all that pertains.

I'm wondering...why does it always cost money to talk to a psychic or have a spell done?
I have always been told that I have a gift. Something I am not aware of. I have always been drawn to spells and psychic abilities, but have no clue how to open my gift. I've tried meditation, but not successful.

So, I question why is there always a charge for these "gifts"? I know we all have to make money to survive, but if it's a gift, then why do you charge money to help other souls? What happened to "pay it forward"? If I knew how to open my abilities, I would do it for all the ones like me that can't afford to pay $29/min.
I guess because I don't have the money to talk to anyone, it breaks my heart and soul that I can't find someone to talk and/or help me....
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Re: The price
By: / Novice
Post # 2
simple reason, they're in it for the money. you don't need to pay for spells or psychic advise, but the people who do are either fakes and know you need help desperately, or can do it, and know you need help desperately.

there are books you can buy to help you, or there's plenty of articles online and sites to help you for free. what do you need help with? [and yes, you can cast a spell for more money, but you need to do something productive for any spell to work. cast the money spell, then work hard at work, you might get a raise, or pass out some resume's and you may find a better job.]
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Re: The price
Post # 3
If a charge is unreasonable, such as $29/minute, it means it is a scam. It doesn't necessarily mean they are lying about their powers or casting, but there's no reason for it to cost nearly so much. I got a fabulous tarot reading involving two spreads for a clean $20.

The only real exception to this rule are traditions which come from Africa (Ifa) and those which are derived from African traditions (Santeria). I know many of their things can cost above average, but that's because they have specific laws/values pertaining to exchange and money.
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Re: The price
Post # 4
There is a price for people to talk to psychics and have a spell done is simply because this in itself is a profession and trade

Spells requires energy to do and the caster have to put in some degree of effort to it . Isn't it right for one to pay someone for his labour ? Have you though about that? Spells requires energy to do so and is only fair to give something back in return . And casting spells in my opinion is not a gift , it is something that can be learnt by anyone with the proper knowledge and interest .

As to talking to a psychic for matters on your personal life , again it is a trade . The psychic itself is putting in his time to do his service for you . For example readings , healings , soul piece retrieval , karmic clearance etc . While I acknowledge that doing a reading is not hard , healing someone needs time and dedication . And soul piece retrieval for instance , it also needs effort on the psychics part . And sometimes require lots of it . It requires much time and effort to do a good job . It is a trade that someone learns , and in my opinion a professional career . Again , i don't believe psychiness is a gift , it is someone can hone and become .

They charge because all these services require their time and energy , which can take up hours in some cases . I agree that 29/min is too expensive and totally unreasonable , and so go look for a cheaper one then . Those are one of the rare ones with bombarstics prices . I doubt it's validity .

Also , as to your gift , tru lookin to another portal to help you hone it or get a teacher . If you are just doing meditation that is simply relaxation and awareness , then you probrably wouldn't unlock it . Try mediation with higher beings or energies ..

Mediation is a huge thing that cannot be fully learnt in a day , week or month . It is a huge topic on it's own . There are many different forms and types of it , and also the direent states of consciousness you can reach. You probrably didn't even scrape the surface of the iceberg in your instance .
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Re: The price
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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