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A Beautiful Soul Calls..

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A Beautiful Soul Calls..
Post # 1
Hello to all, Blessed Be to all, but mostly thank you to all the kind souls that approach this post; I am in great need to help someone else, but the advice of my fellow SoM friends and family is desired in order to proceed with such a difficult upbringing that has resurfaced in my life. Yes, this is a love problem, your usual SoM Forum version of a soap opera to watch, but the love factor isn't quite where assistance is needed. That can be saved for dating FAQ posts out there in cyberspace. My ex himself is in desperate need and, despite our brutal past six months, my devotion and care to him is still choking my heart. He had done terrible things to me, yet I am working past the issues with him so we can find peace. Recently he had told me of his dark past once again, another time of not believing him. I am an energy manipulator and last summer through it we started up a spiritual link and now we can both dream walk/telepathically connect to each other. Just last night we came to an idea: he would telepathically show me his past with me in his perspective so I knew he wasn't lying (part of his situation is too personal to post). So, we performed it and now I know he was telling his truth all along. His parents have been cruel to him. Throughout his teenage years he had suicide attempts and ran away because of their harsh treatment. Now, he is in a negative state. I can sense him very well...and it hurts just talking to him because his pain is so strong. He believes he is not capable of love or loving me. He believes love is horrible words being said to someone (thank his parents..). I want to help him through my magick ability. I want to do daily energy exchanges with him, but I feel that won't cut it. I need more ideas and magickal practices that can help greatly decrease depression, reduce hopelessness, and show someone that life is a beautiful thing...as beautiful as him...I apologize for the sentimentality, but I truly want to help replenish his soul. Guidance would be a blessing not only to me, but to an innocent, cherished soul in need...Thank You.
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Re: A Beautiful Soul Calls..
Post # 2
I will attempt a healing spell to remedy his pain and stabilize his views, but the hard work of getting to accept that love is a real and wonderful thing is up to him, many people grow upin his situation and have come out of it fine, the difference is they have a deep belief that something better is just around that corner and their desire to achieve that goal is manifest in their actions, but as a good hearted person he should surmount these issues and succeed in his quest for a life where he can live,love and have faith in his fellow man.
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