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By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
I have done some testings on spells specifically requiring candles of specific colours. I understand that not every one has the resources to get candles or the availability to get candles of certain colours. I fall under this category my self. Candles are very limited around where I live (and personally I just don't like buying candles online nor making candles which never seems to give the desired effects I seek). So this may be of some use to any one else in a similar situation fretting about not having the right candles for their spells.

I'm splitting this into three categories. So bear with me.

1.) Candle Colours. Many spells require candles of specific colours. Being that I have limited resources I have asked a close friend of mine who has good resources to help me with this category as well as the following two, this was to verify that I was not the only one who gets the same results. The purpose of this category is to get results as to what happens when a spell requiting blue candles (for example) is performed as should be done and then again but with red colours to compare the results, thus determing the effect that the colour of candles has on spells. When performed with blue candles the spell works as should be. When the candles were exchanged with red coloured candles and then the spell was done, the results were equally the same as with the proper candle.

2.) Candle Presence. This category is as the title depicts - determining the results of a spell performed with candles compared to being performed without the required candles, both of which also compared to the results of the spell done with a visualized presence of the candles. Now because of the results of the first category specific colours were not a factor; and therefore, will not be mentioned. With candles the spells were complete successes. But for some reason (a completely different topic to cover) when the spell was only an incantation with no candles present, the spell failed to work. Or at least if it did it went unnoticed. For the most part results with me and my friend were the same. But in this situation the results were different, but possitive; acandle spell with no physical candle but instead the candles are visualized. For me, the results were much better and noticed quicker than when done with the candles. For my friend the results were (about) the same as with candles.

3: Wax Heaters. This category replaces candles entirely with electrical wax heaters that use light bulbs as the source of heat. By now you know how the results of candles are. Well what happens when you take away the flame and replace it with a light bulb? You get the same results. The wax used in wax burners can be used just like a candle if a wick is place in/through) it. There may be no flame but there is still heat from the light bulb. It may not give the same heat and vibration as fire energy would, but it is close enough. The spells still is worked even when performed with a wax heaters replacing candles.

To summarize all of this. When doing spells, colours of candles doesn't necessarily hold a factor. Even if you don't have candles you can still visualize the candle being there, being used as it would be used were it physically present. It's an option but you could even use electronic wax burners in place of an actual lit candle.
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Re: Candles
Post # 2
For me, well... if I cannot find a desired coloured candle, I use white candles, which are easily found. White works as a substitute of all colours. The colour really is there to help us focus on the kind of energy we're raising with our spell. And if I couldnt find a candle, I'd use an oil lamp with a floating wick.

To me the the flame, the presence of fire in my ritual is important. In fact, its wise to keep things that represents all five elements.

A candle/ wax or oil lamp - for fire
Salt/Sugar/Soil - for earth
Incense - for air
A small cup of water - for water
Your own soul or calling upon a diety - for spirit

Some people use crystals that represent the elemental gemstones or crystals. I prefer doing it old fashioned way :)

A spell's functionality really depends on how well you raise and project your energy, the rest are tools to help you do that.

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Re: Candles
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Thanks for the input. But it draws away from my point for this post. 1) the colour can be substitutded for any colour. 2) the candle is like you said and I said, not necessarily needed and can be done without but not necessarily will work so one can visualize the candle. As I clearly stated, not every one has access to candles. Not even to supposed common candles such as white ones. And this was meant to help those in a similar situation as I described based on my availability of candles.
And not every one practices with the elements in mind. Not every one believes in elements implimented in their practices. Not every one has the same elements in their beliefs as you do in yours.
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Re: Candles
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
No offense or any thing. Just being honest.
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Re: Candles
Post # 5
The beauty about magick is using creativiy. Candles are no exception. For the same reason as magiwoman the flame is an important part of my ritual work. Its also the easist form of magick for beginners to start out with ( one they have their basics down first). Magi is absolutely right about using white candles to substitute for any color. Making candles can often add a personal touch and add your energy which can increase the spell working itself. However if you're like me and not that crafty of an individual you can find candles at the dollar store for cheap.if you can't find a color in a bigger size birthday cake candles work just the same.All that you really need to do in that case is cleanse them, charge them, and dress them down for whatever ritual or spell you're doing. Remember candles are tools so they can be interchanged with other tools as well.
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Re: Candles
Post # 6
no offense taken vanity :) I just like felt sharing my pov and how I function. Absolutely agree... everyone functions differently. Did not mean to contradict any thing that you posted :)
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