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I'm new

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I'm new
Post # 1
Hi everyone. I just joined last week and figured it was maybe about time I said hi to everyone properly and tell you a bit about myself. I'm very new to magic and spell casting. I have tried a few simple spells but like I say...very new. I am going through a difficult time in my life at the moment which is kind of what has led me to seek answers and help from all areas. I stumbled into this new world when someone mentioned to me that someone might be interfereing with my life on a magical level. Basically, my boyfriend of two years, who i have a son with, well his ex is trying everything possible to break us up. He is confused at the moment although i know he loves me. She is trying everything under the sun, including being nice to me (basically, she is nice, i don't like it, she is being a hypocrite and looks like the good guy and i come out the bad guy). See how she works. I seriously think she is a little bit coocoo (not joking). Anyway, I know she has been trying loads of stuff to get my boyfriend to come back to her (she has children with him too)and she just won't give up. He says he feels sorry for her because of the two kids and such and she makes up lies telling him her family mistreats her and doesnt give her food and doesnt help her with the kids (i think they are in on it too to be honest, when he is around, they put on the show). I dont konw if she is putting stuff in his food and drink or what, but its getting to the point where i cant take it anymore. She is causing arguements between us and his behaviour has just changed too suddenly. This all started to happen around the time i allowed her to come and spend the day at our house with her kids so they could spend time with their dad. I dont know if she did anything while she was there or not, you see? I just keep losing weight, I cant get much skinnier than i am now, I'm depressed and i just need all this to stop. I need her to stop interfereing. Someone suggested to be to do a spell to help her find closure, but i dont know of one. does anyone have any suggestions please. My life is falling apart around me and i no longer know where to turn.
Im sorry i know this was a long introduction....
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Re: I'm new
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
hello and welcome!
much blessing's to you in this dificult time

i don't know how other would feel or say to you
i am not wiccan btw

and no i also don't like to mess with other people free will!
even though the path i follow is the path of the left hand!

but if you need someone to talk to
just message me!
i also have gone through some dificulties when it comes to relationhsips!!

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Re: I'm new
Post # 3
Thank you for your reply. It's definately not an easy time, but i still believe me and him are meant to be together. nothing can change that. It's not my intention to mess with free will either, I don't wish anyone any harm, but i understand what you are saying. I just wish this situation would be sorted out once and for all.
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Re: I'm new
Post # 4
But he has 2 kids with her so she will never truly be a stranger. This is what makes it so difficult. She wont let go and i don't know how to deal with it. what makes it worse is i think she has some ulterior motive of some sort because she pretends to be so nice to me. i dont like it and i dont know how to deal with it.
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Re: I'm new
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
You do not have to "deal with it"; your boyfriend has to deal with it. Do not try to stop him having his two children on visits;he is responsible for at least some of their welfare. But have nothing to do his ex! And if he insists on visiting her! Drop him like the proverbial hot brick! And if she is causing trouble for you, or pestering you, that is "stalking" and it is a criminal offence.
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Re: I'm new
Post # 6
Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. How would you feel if you saw him with another woman and he ended up having kids with her?

It would probably sting a little bit.

You will never be rid of her, and he does have every right to visit her and the children, just as much as you would want him to do the same with her.

The crazier you act, the more he will pull away. Jealousy can be cute(to some), but usually in non-threatening moderation. While you may think she has done something, it could very well be that you're actions towards the situation are causing some of it. Stress can cause weight loss, for example.

I would suggest cleansing your house by burning some sage and saying a general blessing/protection of your choosing.
I would also suggest that you reevaluate the situation and how it appears to other people or even see it in someone else's shoes. For example, if your boyfriend does not agree that his ex is lying or being manipulative, you look like the crazy one for throwing a fit.

Bit of advice, as much as we yell, scream or worry about what our partner is going to do (such as leaving or cheating), we can't stop it. They will do what they are going to do. Either trust that you made the right choice in a partner, or find a way to leave the situation. Worrying yourself sick is not going to do anything but harm you and look bad for your child.
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