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Name: luciferwhspr
Location: belgium
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Jun 2011

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hi i am Luci short for Luciferwhisper
i am interested in anything that has to do with the occult
but mostly satanism and demonolatry but any other kind of practice is also interesting to me!
i want to get to know a lot of people who practice the gospel of the gods! the ones we believe in not the one who was inprinted in our minds
to me it doesnt matter wich path you follow if you want to get to know me just let me know!
i am a nice and friendly person! i am here to get to know more people like me
the one's who don't follow their owner like sheeps!
yes some of us have to hide our true self but as long as we know how we feel and what we work for deep inside that's what matters!
may the most high bless you!!
*hugs and kisses from me*
if you want to chat let me know i will give you my yahoo messenger adress!!
if you have a facebook you can also add me as friend!!
( the link posted is not a myspace link is the link to another website)