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Weird Feeling

Forums ► Comments ► Weird Feeling
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Weird Feeling
Post # 1
Hi. Every time that I start ti ttry and practice an ability I get a wierd feeling, like I shouldn't be practicing it. Not yet at least. Some more than others.

What does this mean?

I was going over all the abilities that I caould think of, seeing which ones I felt the wierd feeling for(Just thinking about htem in my head). The only one that I didn't get the weird feeling while thinking aobut was seeing the future(can you learn to do that? Or do you have to be born with it?) I hae never done a past life regression, but I sm fairly sure I could see the future in a past life(or maybe multiple). I can't explain it but when I think about it I get a feeling of power, and if I had it in a past life, doesn't that mean I can learn it again? I sometimes have really good intuition(lik I will know whos name will be drawn or something), and me and my friend figured out that everytime I have a wierd dream, we play dodgeball in gym(if relevant :P)And I started having dreams, where evertime night that I saw a certain kid(the same one every time)we talked a lot the next day, and if I didn't, then we didn't talk like at all.

Does that mean I should learn that ability or what?
Please help :)

Please and Thank You All Very Much
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Re: Weird Feeling
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Yes you should practice the ability. Meditation will help you learn and just little bit of intuition games a day will increase your skills over time a whole lot :)

Play the what will I see next game while driving in a car. Think about something you will see that might not be there. Like at the next traffic light or stop sign see in your mind what you will see. You might get an image that you will see a blue truck and then look for it. Or you might see in your mind a cat and then you will see one run across the road or sitting in someones yard.

Another good game is during meditation at night you might get a glimpse of what will happen the next day just like seeing a person you will talk with.

The best thing to do is to practice and keep your third eye open at all times. Just don't have it 100% open all the time I personally run at about 65%. When I need to know something then I open it further but only at very specific times do I open it 100%. There are risks to it, like knowing to much, headaches, and other physical ailments from time to time. Just practice and learn what you are comfortable with ;)
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Re: Weird Feeling
Post # 3
Thakn you a lot, I really appreciate it. I will definately take yorur advice
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