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Spells, white magic, ceremonial magic, incantations, candle magic, black magic, conjuration's, and invocations. It's all here to help you through life. If you believe in the power of Magic your dreams can come true. So be it! We all have needs in life and Magic can help fulfill those needs. Whether it be power, money, fame, revenge, love or hate... the universe can be bent to our will and it can all be achieved with spells and magic. Remember these things are not granted to those who Dabble and pretend to be that which they are not. Those of you whom "Dabble" will pay the Piper. I have been doing witchcraft since i was 10. i am now 30. So 20 years experience. I am a medium physic. And My elements are water and fire. Feel free to ask me any question about spells casting. (: Blessed be. Some times you are confused as it is difficult for you to understand which spell you need or which type of spell would be the best for you. Here are some of the definitions of spells that will help you to understand which spell you may prefer or would like to go for. Binding Spell: Binding spells are to bind someone. Binding two lovers together in a relation…..helping two lovers to come closer to each other…if you say to yourself I want to bind my love to me forever… or I want my lover to come to me for ever…. Then you may go for these powerful binding spells Breaking a Love Spell: Some one has a love spell cast on you?…. Break it with breaking spell or break up spells. If you have these questions: …I want to break a love relation, Marriage, ……break up relation between two lovers, ….spells to break or destroy love relation between two people or lovers….then you may go for breaking a love spell or spells. Home Protection Spell: Looking for a spell to protect your house… home protection spells from curses, hex, evil, black magic.. looking for protection spells for haunted house…or spells for positive energies then you may go for home protection spells. Weight Loss Spell: Looking for spells to loose weight….then you may go for these wiccan weight loss spells. Protect Yourself Spell: Suffering from Black Magic…Curse or different types of curses…hex or hexes…need protection from evil spells…curse, hexes and spells…then you may go for these powerful protection spells. Wish Spell: Are you looking for a wishing spells…do you have a wish if yes then go for wish spell or wishing spell. Getting Over Spell: Looking for a spell to get over some one you love or loved…looking for a spell to forget your love or lover…. Or you have tried every thing and cant forget your love relation or old love…..or you want to finish a love relation or get over your love relation then you may go for these getting over spells. Wishing Spell: wishing spells are for those who have a wish and think that they cannot get their wish till they may go for wishing spells. Healing Sickness Spell: Healing spells are for healing any sickness, diseases….if any one is suffering from any disease then you may go for powerful healing spells. Lost and Found Spell: Have you lost any thing….your precious things are missing….did you misplace any thing and you can not find or locate…then you may go for lost and found spells.