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We at Christian Wiccans offer a home to both Christian witches and those who simply need a place of solace. All are welcome at our table.
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Please read full coven bio before applying...

Family Bio

Christian Wiccans are those who still practice Christianity and at the same time Wicca. Though, that doesn't mean we only accept Wiccans or those who label themselves as witches. We are an open minded group who accepts all Christians that are focusing on any magickal path and are of need of spiritual guidance and nourishment. Most of us here have melded our magickal practices together, into cohesive life style that enriches our lives and the lives of others.

We have a Sister Coven, Angelic Touch, with High Priestess Spiritwolf standing by our side. We expect the utmost respect and courtesy to be given to all members of our sister coven.

This coven respects each individuals personal choice. This Coven is a home and like a home we are family!.

What We Offer

We are an educational coven as well as a good place to share our knowledge and experiences. We are a safe haven to practitioners of Abrahamic faith and also the LGBTQ+ community. Many come here for questions to be answered or just to chill and relax. Some come to ask questions and others teach what they have learned in their magickal journeys.

As of right now we have no scheduled courses or lectures, but if you feel you have something to offer our coven, please message the Priest, PapaBear.

Coven Rules

  • NO harmful or dark spells and/or rituals will be taught in this coven . Only positive Magick that follows the rule of three and/or the peaceful premise of the Holy Bible.
  • Please remain active . We offer a community that gives not only resources, but love and comfort. A home can seem empty without anyone there.
  • Everything said within our coven is private . There are many witches and many Christians who would rather not acknowledge us. What is posted in our Coven is not to be shared anywhere else on Spells of Magic.
  • Our goal is Unity . Many of us practice Christianity in various ways. And so, we ask that our brothers and sisters be mindful of our unique practices.
  • Hold to the Golden Rule . "An' it harm none, do what ye will." (Wiccan Rede) "Do unto others what you would have done unto you." (Matt. 7:12)

Steps to Join

  1. Please have a picture on your profile and a bio before applying.
  2. Send an application to the Priest , write why you want to join, your spiritual path (if you have one), what are you experienced in, and if you could offer something to our coven what would it be?
  3. You must log on at least once a month to maintain a membership here. (ie. Last logged on: Jan 3rd. On Feb 3rd, you will be sent a message about your inactivity and demoted if applicable. On March 3rd, you will be removed.)


We look forward to your applications. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

God Bless!



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