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  • Advanced Christian Drawing Down The Moon
    This ritual is for advanced practitioners. If you are a begginer, do the basic one. If you are not familiar with the Kabbalah, this ritual won't make much sense.
  • A Gnostic Prayer to Barbelo
    Barbelo is the Mother-Father and goddess of Knowledge, Magick, and angels in Gnosticism. This prayer is a devotion to her.
  • Alchemy: A Brief History (members only)
    A brief history of alchemy.
  • Alchemy: An Introduction to the Great Work (members only)
    This article shows a little about the history and basic information of which is alchemy.
  • Alchemy: Azoth and the Seven Operations. (members only)
    A long article on Azoth and how it correlates to the seven operations of alchemy.
  • Amor of God (members only)
    use white sage & a bible a EPHESISANS 6 Vrs 10
  • Amor of God 2 (members only)
    God Purification by Maya, it's an the 2nd part of the amour of God ritual, do it as a cleansing & purification. Using white sage smudge sticks.
  • Archangel Michael defender ritual (members only)
    Michaels celestial mission is to be humanity's defender.. call him to defend you and protect you..
  • Archangel Michael Prayer for protection (members only)
    Pray this on the spot when ever you feel under attack!
  • Archangel Raphael healing spell (members only)
    Archangel Raphael: meaning 'Healer of God' He offers healing, advice and instructions, when you are in need
  • Auras
    A brief history of auras and a complementary color chart.
  • Awakening your magic
    A brief article on how to awaken your magic.
  • Banishing ritual
    added by perrych
  • Beer Bath Ritual with pslams 23 & the lords Prayer (members only)
    Beer Bath Ritual For Spiritual Cleansing. Removes Demonic attachments for total spiritual cleansing, do the ritual then read Psalm 23, the lords prayer then pray & mediate.
  • Binding The Senses
    This is a prayer that masks your spells from demons.
  • Blessing a circle
  • Bread of Luck
    This ritual derives from petitions to the orisha Babalu-Aye, believed to bring good luck
  • Candle Burning with Psalms 101-150 (members only)
    A list of Biblical Psalms for use with Candle Magick and the corresponding candle colors.
  • Candle Burning with Psalms 1-50 (members only)
    A list of Biblical Psalms for use with Candle Magick and the corresponding candle colors.
  • Candle Burning with Psalms 51-100 (members only)
    A list of Biblical Psalms for use with Candle Magick and the corresponding candle colors.
  • Candle magic
  • Chakra meditation
  • Christian Drawing Down the Moon (members only)
    A Christian adaptation of a Drawing Down the Moon ritual.
  • Christian ritual ceremony casting (members only)
    This is the Christian circle casting and communion ending that I have came up with to be the basics and uniform method of all my rites.
  • Christian Witchcraft 101
    The practice of Christian Witchcraft
  • Christian Witchcraft Alter Basics
    Basic Christian Witchcraft Alter Items.
  • Christian Witchcraft, Sign of the Cross
    Using the sign of the Cross during spell casting will protect you.
  • Christopagan Charge of the Goddess
  • Consecration
    This is a popular ritual to consecrate an amulet, necklace, bracelet etc.
  • Daily Devotion to the Dead
    A daily ritual for both morning and evening to devote yourself to those in purgatory.
  • Divination stones
  • dragons blood ink (members only)
  • Evocation of the Planetary Olympic Spirits (1)
    The olympic spirits are planetary spirits that are next in rank below the planetary arch angels. They are under the domain and rule of the planetary archangels, and therefore they may be evoked through the archangels.
  • Finding Prayer (St. Anthony)
    This is a traditional Catholic prayer to find something you've misplaced
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    You are not damned. You are blessed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Goddess Mary Magdalen Ritural (members only)
    Goddess Mary Magdalene is a reformed charter from Prostitute to disciple of the lord. Some say she was the Goddess Sophia incarnated upon earth other say she's the wife of our God the sun Jesus however there is no evidence for this in my eyes. All I can say is that she relates to all women we can understand her, she is our Companion, our friend & our Sister Goddess Hail!
  • Goddess Ritual for Yule (members only)
    A Solitary Rite for the Yule Celebration which can be performed by a male or female practitioner. For the beginner to intermediate Wiccan Witch.
  • Goddess Sophia Ritual (members only)
    This Ritual is your dedication to our lady Goddess Sophia~AKA the holy spirit, the triple moon Goddess, of Wisdom & Guidance.
  • Grounding (members only)
    Grounding & centring.
  • Haniel?s Moon Ceremony.
    This ceremony allows one or more individuals to evoke the Archangel Haniel to release grudges that are negatively affecting their lives.
  • Herbs A-B
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters A to B.
  • Herbs C-D
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters C to D.
  • Herbs E-F
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters E to F.
  • Herbs G-H
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters G to H.
  • Herbs I-L
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters I to L.
  • Herbs M-N
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters M to N.
  • Herbs O-Q
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters O to Q.
  • Herbs R-S
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters R to S.
  • Herbs T-Y
    A summary of Herbs starting with the letters T to Y.
  • Hex Breaking / Victory Operation
    This operation is meant to neutralize a hexed or bewitched or cursed condition. The items required are: 7 black or 7 white candles,; incense made up of garlic, ginger, red pepper powders; and consecrated olive oil.
  • History of magic part 1
  • History of magic part 2
    Religion vs magic
  • History of magic part 3
  • Holy water (members only)
    For this ritual you need a small bowl of salt and a larger bowl of water.?? Place them before you on the Altar.? Start by performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.? After you have built up your circle, recite:
  • Holy Water
    Where to obtain Holy Water
  • Home Protection Ritual (members only)
    A ritual to create a dome of protection around your home and or property.
  • How to Pray a Special Rosary for the Souls in Purgatory
    This rosary prayer is to aid the suffering souls in purgatory so they may soon find rest and peace in the solace in heaven.
  • Invocation to the Nine Choirs
    This Catholic prayer invokes the Nine Choirs of Angels to help with various aspects of life.
  • Invoking the Archangels
    A Prayer to Invoke the Archangels
  • Knowing the Elementals (members only)
    A summary of the elements we utilize in casting and magickal practices.
  • Knowledge of Raziel
    Raziel is the Archangel of magick and secret knowledge. As such, he helps us learn the secrets of the Universe.
  • Magic with the Rosary
    The Rosary is a very good weapon for magical working because of its visualization and repetitive prayer exercises. To do this, you pray the Rosary as usual, visualizing your goal accomplished by the power of Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession.
  • Meditation (members only)
    One should meditate for all needs, be it spells, prayer, etc. Proper techniques are important for a successful end.
  • Meeting the Angel of Protection
    helps you to consciously be aware of your guardian angel, and helps you to contact them to enhance your psychic protection
  • Moon Magic
    How to use the moon to increase your magic
  • Novena to St. Uriel the Archangel
    A Novena is a group of prayers that are performed each day for 9 consecutive days. This Novena invokes Archangel Uriel for repentance and justice.
  • Our Lady, Queen of Angels
    This is a prayer invoking The Virgin Mary to send her holy angels to you to fight demonic forces.
  • Playing Card Divination
    This is my personal divination system. Please use or discard anything you do not like. The following cards correspond with each other and differ with each other when read by itself among other cards. When doing a reading try to match up the meanings of the cards with the corresponding match ups and let your intuition guide you.
  • Prayers to Ageratos
    Ageratos is the Aeon of preservation. As such he helps with preserving many aspects of a person?s life.
  • Prayers to Parakletos
    Parakletos is the male aspect of the Holy Spirit in Gnosticism. He is known as the Comforter and helper.
  • Prayers to Patrikos and Metrikos
    Patrikos is the Aeon of fathers in Gnosticism. Metrikos is the Aeon of mothers in Gnosticism.
  • Prayers to Pistis and Ainos
    Pistis is the Aeon of Faith in Gnosticism. Ainos is the Aeon of Praise in Gnosticism.
  • Prayer to Asherah
    This is a prayer asking the goddess Asherah for guidance. Asherah is the goddess of nature, fertility, and the sea, she is the wife of El Shadaai or God Almighty.
  • Prayer to Barbelo (Ennoia)
    Barbelo is the mother of all gods in Gnosticism and is the first emanation of Bythos, the father of all gods in Gnosticism. Barbelo helps us to see the divine spark in other people.
  • Prayer to Mary Magdalene Patroness of Women
    Mary Magdalene was a powerful and wise female Apostle of the early Church. She is the Patron Saint of Women and as such she is a powerful opposer of Patriarchy.
  • Prayer to Sophia
    Sophia is the Holy Spirit and the Goddess of Wisdom who is recognized in both Trinitarian Wicca and Christian Gnosticism as the Co-creator of the material Universe. This Prayer is a devotion to the Goddess, in order to receive wisdom and guidance.
  • Prayer to St. Gabriel for Intercession
    This is a Catholic prayer asking Archangel Gabriel to intercede on your behalf, granting you wisdom and guidance. It also bestows upon you the power of the incarnation of Jesus in the flesh.
  • Protection & Hex Breaking Soap
    The soap consists of a mixture of 'African black soap' and 'bint el sudan oil'. In the absence of the above, any soap and banishing oil can be used.
  • Rosary Magic
    How to do basic Rosary magic.
  • Saint Martha the Dominator oil
    Saint Martha the Dominator oil is used in happy home spells and protection spells
  • Shekhina?s Caress
    The Shekhina is a helpful female spirit in Judaism that comforts you when you need to feel the tender love of God.
  • SHOWER CLEANSING RITUAL (members only)
    A shower cleansing in lieu of a cleansing bath. Ideal for daily cleansing or prior to spellcasting or ceremonies.
  • SHOWER CLEANSING RITUAL (members only)
    A shower cleansing in lieu of a cleansing bath. Ideal for daily cleansing or prior to spellcasting or ceremonies.
  • SHOWER CLEANSING RITUAL (members only)
    A shower cleansing in lieu of a cleansing bath. Ideal for daily cleansing or prior to spellcasting or ceremonies.
  • Signs from Archangel Michael
    This is a prayer asking for St. Michael to give you signs concerning whether or not you are on the right path.
  • Spell casting
  • St. Brigid Hearth Keeper Prayer
    This is a prayer invoking Saint Brigid of Kildare to obtain the benefits and miracles of her spiritual hearth.
  • Summoning lesson #1
  • Summoning lesson #2
  • Summoning lesson #3
  • The Argument for Christian Witchcraft
    An Op-Ed look in favor for Christian Witchcraft.
  • The Bible in Magic
  • The Mirror Shield (members only)
    Mirror Shield & Protection prayer kindly given to us from our sister coven Angelic Touch. Thanks & great blessing's our dear sister Spiritwolf & brother Whiteaura1
  • To procure the love of a man or woman
    From my own perspective, I believe Love spells meant to force someone to fall in love with you is not good. So It is better to physically try to win the person's love while you work spiritually for the love. If there is no positive result, then you quit.
  • Types of Christian Witches
    There is not just one type of Christian Witch: There are several!
  • Types of Christian Witches (members only)
    There are multiple ways Christianity mingles with the Mystical
  • Uriel?s Invocations
    This is a list of Invocations used to call upon Uriel, the Archangel of Knowledge.
  • Using the Bible with Magick (members only)
    This listing is of Bible verses that can be used to enhance your spells and where to find them.
  • van van oil (members only)
    van van oil,is the most versatile oil drawing, luck,love,and prosperity and repelling malevolent magic directed towards you
  • Various Paths in Magick
    Magick, whether used in witchcraft or not, comes in many different forms and styles. You are welcome to use multiple forms which appeal to you but you are also welcome to be dedicated and specialized in an area.
  • Visions of Jeremiel
    This invocation is a petition to Archangel Jeremiel to remove worries that you have about the future. It also petitions Jeremiel to give you prophetic insights about the future.
  • Visualization
    Some exercises to help
  • Witches dictionary A-C
  • Witches dictionary D-G
  • Witches dictionary H-R
  • Witches dictionary S-Y

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