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Hi there, My name is Silver and I class myself as a christian witch who is currently studying wicca, I'm working with a book called 'Wicca a Year and a Day' by Timothy Roderick, this is great for me as I'm getting to practice wicca a day at a time! I'm currently on day 22! Its helping me as a solitary witch! I am a Tarot Reader/Reiki Healer who is also interested in natural healing, herbs, flower remedies. I am so pleased to find that there are Christian Wiccans and Witches like me! I don't feel so alone now with my beliefs.
I'm a very open minded tolerant kind of person and I respect everyone's right to practice their spirituality however they choose, the way I see it, do your best as a person and don't harm others. As long as your path brings you closer to the Divine (however you perceive the divine, God/Goddess/ The Universe) and helps you and others then that's great! I'm not going to tell you what your higher power should be! after all its none of my business! After a time of soul searching (I have decided to follow Gnostic Christianity and Wicca) my path makes sense to me and I do wish everyone peace and blessings.