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Set Up:
-altar is set up with photos and memos of deceased loved ones
-a plate, cup, cutlery are added so food from feast can be offered
-bones can be added, and skulls of any sort (real animal skulls, or fake human skulls)
-one large black candle is set up and lit to honour the Ancestors and other Dead we might not name
-multiple tea lights are spread across the altar
-lighter is handy

Stand before the altar and say:

Earth and Air, Fire and Water
Open the veils for your sons and daughters.
Ancestors old, and deceased loved ones new,
We open the veil for you to come through.
Food and drink to honour your life,
We honour you on this Samhain night.
Bless us now with your presence,
And open our minds to your essence.
Bring us messages from worlds beyond,
And join us in our ritual songs.
Rock and Wind, Flame and Sea
The gates and veils are open for thee.
Loved ones gather around our flames,
As we speak your honoured names.

(each person lights a candle saying the name of whom they honour, and adds some food to the plate, or drink to the glass)

Loved ones, ancestors, spirits divine,
We ask that you stay for this Samhain time.
Offerings are given, and glasses are raised,
So we may communicate 'til the end of this day!
So be it!

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On the same day as Halloween, Samhain is celebrated by pagans around the world.
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Oct 30, 2019
One question, what do I do if I don't have an alter? I'm just wondering.

Oct 30, 2019
you just need a surface to place stuff on, before i had my permanent altar i would move everything off my coffee table and use that [still do when i have people over lol]

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