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A list of symptoms to tell you your chakras are opening. I numbered the chakras so you don't get mixups with the opening symptoms.

1- Root

Literally Feeling Grounded

These symptoms occur in no particular order, but an overwhelming sense of grounding is usually a key indicator that your root chakra is opening.

A natural side effect of feeling grounded is a decrease in overall anxiety you might feel.

Maybe your heart rate is noticeably slower, and your mind isn?t crowded with irrational thoughts.

This feeling of groundedness is synonymous with being in the Now. When you live in the moment of Here, the present moment, there is no room for anxiety.

Fear creates anxiety, and fear is only present in the past and future.

2. Feeling Connected

Similarly, a feeling of connectedness will manifest soon after the feeling of groundedness.

This is the feeling that reminds us that we aren?t alone in the world.

There might be upwards of 8 billion people on the planet, but some days it can feel like you are left out of the biggest party in the universe, quite literally.

However, activating the root chakra brings you back into this blissful awareness that there are other people like you in the world.

Not only that, but you will feel more connected with the Earth as well.

Have you caught yourself thinking about how warm the sun felt today or how pretty a bird was?

This is a key indicator that you are connected.

3. Healthier Eating Habits

It is extremely common for deeply blocked root chakras to manifest as eating disorders.

Once that blockage is cleared and the chakra finds its balance, that eating disorder won?t stand a chance.

I?m sure there will be a lot of sceptics out there, but it?s true!

When the root chakra is balanced, you naturally feel at home in your body.

You appreciate and love yourself just the way you are.

It?s a soulful healing that happens from the inside and quite literally balances the chemicals in your brain as well.

As a result, you are left with a better relationship with food because you respect yourself and your Divinity.

4. Tingling Or Heat

This symptom might seem vague, and that?s because it?s supposed to be.

Tingling and heat aren?t symptoms specific to the root chakra, but they are specific to the chakra system as a whole.

It is typical for people to feel any sort of tingling or heat in the chakra area they are activating or balancing.

Regarding the root chakra, you could feel tingling or heat in:

The bottoms of your feet

Your palms

Your pelvic floor (for all you yogis out there)

The root chakra brings you back to the physical plane.

It anchors you to reality and stabilises your life. In a personal sense, it gives you the tools to listen to your body.

Take getting sick, for example:

You feel the literal first symptom the sickness manifests.

It may seem like you have become more sensitive because you can feel even the faintest of symptoms.

In reality, you can hear your body when it talks to you.

As if someone turned up the volume.

Similarly, it has a way of increasing libido as well, which makes sense because the second chakra relates to passions within and without; sensual and sexual.

6. May Affect Sleeping

Now, this can be a good and bad thing.

As mentioned above, when you first open your root chakra, it will likely bring up a few troublesome ?side effects.?

Sleeping can be negatively affected, causing restless leg syndrome and other restless activity until the energy flows freely and balanced.

Once the root chakra is balanced, you can expect a better night?s sleep accompanied by vivid dreams.

Sleep is a vulnerable time for any living being.

You fall into this subconscious state, your body goes limp, and you stay this way for hours on end!

If knowing this triggers anxiety within, there are some apparent root chakra lessons headed your way.

The root chakra wipes away any trace of insecurity or instability in your being.

7. You Gain A Sense Of Safety Within Yourself

There is no greater feeling than to feel supported and safe in your own skin.

Unfortunately, we can?t choose our upbringing.

So many people grew up feeling unsafe in their own homes. This put them in survival mode very early on.

When this mentality is ingrained into the mind in this nature, it causes a calcification to occur.

Suddenly, you see yourSelf as a protective barrier, always with its guards up.

In reality, you are a powerful and spiritual vessel of energy and your body; Keeps. You. Alive.

2- Sacral

1. You accept yourself as it is.

One of the worst fallouts of imbalance in the sacral chakra is turning against yourself. You become your own worst critic. Regaining balance in the chakra also restores your faith in yourself. You will no longer feel unhappy or uncomfortable in your own skin.

2. You enjoy pampering yourself.

A blocked sacral chakra leads to stopping loving yourself. In extreme cases, it can also lead to self-hate. You will neglect your health, needs, and self-care. As you work on the chakra health, your critical attitude towards yourself will change and you will start embracing yourself again. You will begin to enjoy taking care of your needs and pampering yourself.

3. You re-evaluate your relationships.

As you gain more clarity about what you want in life, you begin to reassess the bonds you formed earlier. Through introspection, you achieve more insight into your viewpoints and how you want to be treated. This means your expectation from your relationships may undergo drastic change. This is not only about romantic relationships. You may find that some of them do not agree with your current point of view. If so, it is time to let them go.

4. Your relationships progress to the next stage.

You will start spending more energy on compatible relationships. This means strengthening the bond and moving on to the next stage. You begin to enjoy the company of your partner more than ever. You understand each other better and get along well. Life is beautiful once again.

5. You feel motivated to pursue your passions.

When you recover the health of your sacral chakra, disinterest and lethargy are replaced by focus and passion. You could sense a limitless source of energy within yourself to go after your dreams. Anything you do turns out well.

6. You feel more creative.

You figure out how to express your creativity. As your sacral chakra is functioning at its optimum level, you discover your creative talents and work on them to improve your skill. You realize that you have talent in music, art, creative writing, dance, or something similar. You find yourself enjoying your creative pursuits.

7. You are at peace with your body.

With the critic in you disappearing, you conclude that your body is not that bad after all. The better you get, the more positives you discover about your body. Your nose may not be perfect but you have beautiful hair and lovely hands. You also realize that no one is perfect.

8. You accept death as an inevitable part of life.

The sacral chakra is associated with reproductive organs. This is where your idea about life and death originates. Naturally, you dread getting older and your body and mental faculties slowly deteriorating. As you recover your confidence and stability, you realize that decay and death are as much part of our lives as birth.

9. You feel restless and excited.

As you discover these new viewpoints, you are raring to go and work them into your life. You can?t wait to try them out and see how they change your life for the better. You feel as if the future looks bright and beautiful.

10. You are clearer about your desires.

An imbalanced sacral chakra can make you feel confused and hazy. As it regains vitality, you get a better understanding of what you want in life. You learn to distinguish between your real desires and passing whims. You realize your worth and that you deserve good things.

11. You gain insight into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is usually out of reach of your consciousness. But when your sacral chakra is functioning well, you get an intuitive feeling about what is in your subconscious. This means your instincts are sharper than ever before.

12. You accept life as it comes.

You learn to trust the Universe more and stop resisting changes happening in your life. You understand that as long as you are sincere and honest, good things will come to you. This realisation will help you calm down and be at peace with life.

3-Solar Plexus

1. Feeling energised and powerful

The solar plexus chakra is often regarded as our personal power center.

When this chakra is aligned and open you will feel connected to your personal power and have as much energy as you require to live your best life.

This tapped-in power is a symptom that your solar plexus chakra is opening. You will feel powerful and energized on all levels ( physical, mental, and spiritual ).

2. Increase in self-confidence

The solar plexus chakra can have a huge influence over your experience of self, your perception of self, and your self-confidence.

A symptom that you can experience when your solar plexus chakra is opening is that you will naturally and easily become a more confident person.

As your solar plexus chakra opens you will effortlessly radiate self-confidence.

3. Deeper and truer self-love and acceptance

Another symptom that your solar plexus is opening is that you have begun to properly prioritise your needs and wants.

You will find that your relationship with yourself improves and you may experience deeper and deeper levels of self-love as well as self-acceptance

4. Subconscious beliefs release and repatterning

One of the symptoms that you may experience as your solar plexus chakra is opening is more clarity and focus on your subconscious beliefs.

Your subconscious beliefs are the deeply patterned beliefs that shape how you perceive life.

You will become more aware of what beliefs you hold within your mind and probably feel the urge to sort through these beliefs.

Learning to discern which of these beliefs is truly necessary and beneficial.

When your solar plexus is opening you may undergo the healing process of releasing any subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you as well as repatterning and feeding your mind new beliefs that upgrade your life.

Because the focus is within your solar plexus chakra these beliefs will likely include those that surround how you view yourself, your self-worth, and your relationship with and perception of yourself.

5. Changes in your appetite and digestion

The solar plexus chakra corresponds with the physical organs of the human digestive system as well as the etheric concept of digestion (taking in a substance and absorbing nutrients, producing energy, and eliminating waste).

Another symptom of your solar plexus chakra opening is a change in your appetite, you will likely crave nutrient-dense vibrant foods that are the best for your body and spirit.

6. More in tune with your emotions

The solar plexus chakra is said to be the energy centre that we use to process our emotions and experiences and filter them through our unique personal perspective.

The solar plexus chakra is the centre from which we make sense of our emotions and gain insight and growth from our life experiences.

A symptom of an opening solar plexus chakra can include a better understanding of the value of emotion as well as being more in tune with your emotions.

You will not be thrown out of alignment by unwanted emotions but rather use these emotions as messages or opportunities for growth.

7. Gaining clarity and motivation surrounding your life purpose

Another symptom of your solar plexus chakra opening is that you will gain clarity about your life purpose and feel aligned to this purpose.

You may be able to see your life from a perspective where everything makes more sense.

You will be able to more easily see how your life path has led you to this present moment and the elements of your life's purpose.

The solar plexus chakra is the chakra of willpower and the ability to take inspired and aligned action.

When you are motivated to continually focus and enjoy the actions that are in alignment with your life purpose and dreams this can also be a sign of your solar plexus chakra opening.

8. You live more in the presence

When your solar plexus is open and active you will be comfortable with who you are and more at ease with the flow of life.

When you are in this state of empowered ease it is a lot easier and comes more naturally to live with your attention in the present moment.

You can let go of the regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future and fully enjoy the magic of the present moment being you.

When you find that your life is more embodied in the present and flowing with life this can be a sign that your solar plexus chakra is opening.

9. You start receiving your desires

A symptom of your solar plexus activation or opening is that you will start to receive your desires.

You will experience what you have been manifesting in tangible form.

Because the open solar plexus chakra has a strong positive influence on your emotions and the mastery of your emotional power your innate manifestation abilities will be accelerated.

The solar plexus chakra is also linked to your experience of self-worth.

When you have high self-worth and fully honor yourself and your desires you will be open to fully receive and experience your desires.

10. Your relationships will improve

When your solar plexus chakra is activated and aligned you become fully in touch with who you are; your true power, self-confidence, self-worth, motivation, and your physical and energetic health.

These upgrades and alignments within your relationship with yourself will mirror into all your relationships. Your relationships with your partner, family, friends, and the living world that surrounds you.

Experiencing comfort within, inner joy, true connection, and happiness within your relationships can be a sign of your solar plexus chakra opening.

11. Feeling more aligned and powerful

A clear symptom that your solar plexus chakra is opening is that you will genuinely feel more and more aligned and powerful.

You will enjoy being you and learn to appreciate your unique life experience.

You will more often begin to experience miracles as well as see your inspired action blooming into wonderful life experiences and creations.


1. Experiencing Emotions Deeply

Emotions are one of the most innate aspects of our perception of life, it is true that emotions can be activated, triggered and interpreted through mental thought processes but they can also be generated and experienced as more abstract sensations via our body; quite emphatically experienced within the heart energy field.

When your heart chakra is balanced you will feel the emotions that surround the feeling of unconditional love, enjoyable emotions such as happiness, joyfulness, optimism, gratitude, belonging, understanding and so many more (that will be covered more in-depth in the points below)

2. Experiencing Deep Interconnection

An open heart chakra allows for the experience and embodiment of deep interconnection with all elements of existence.

You will be more connected to those close to you, people in general; the flora and fauna of the earth and can even experience a greater connection with non-physical spirit beings.

It is likely you will be more open to genuinely connecting with the people you meet, taking the time to find commonalities or being enriched by the contrast and variety that each unique being can bring to your tapestry of life.

It is also likely that you will be quite at peace with spending time alone, deeply connecting with and loving your own energy.

When your heart chakra is opening you will feel more drawn to spending time in natural spaces, the color that resonates with this chakra is green and so the energy of lush green natural spaces will facilitate in energizing this chakra.

3. Openness to Fully Receiving

When your heart chakra is opening you are more likely to receive all that you desire with ease.

Living from a state of awakened heart energy tunes your energy to a state of gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude creates a magnetic energy that attracts more of what you appreciate into your life experience.

You will become more aware that from the space of love there is more than enough of everything for everyone and that you are completely worthy of receiving anything you need or want.

4. Generosity

An open heart chakra will fill you with the spirit and action of generosity, your experience of receiving overflowing blessings in many forms will naturally lead to sharing this energy and giving generously.

You will be able to freely and genuinely give from the space of pure love as when this chakra is activated the fear of lack dissolves.

The feeling of deep interconnection that emanates from the heart energy reveals the truth: that in openly sharing both physically and energetically we are being of great benefit to our community, planet, and ecosystems.

Even though you may not expect anything in return, generosity truly only magnifies your attraction power and you will be blessed with all that you need and more.

5. Compassion and Forgiveness

Another symptom of your heart chakra opening is an increased capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

The feeling of interconnectivity with all beings allows for greater empathy and a compassionate understanding of differences.

This compassionate understand makes it easier to cultivate genuine forgiveness, being able to more gracefully let go of the hurtful situation and allowing for fresh loving energy and experiences.

The ability to easily forgive does not mean you will not retain the valuable lessons that are learned through hardships but you will navigate human relations and challenging experiences with greater ease and less collateral damage.

An open heart chakra will help you to have deeper compassion and genuine ability to forgive for the benefit and evolution of both yourself and others.

6. Healthy Conscious Relationships

When your heart chakra is opening you will experience improvements in all your interpersonal relationships.

Especially relating to the romantic partnership you will likely attract a healthy conscious partner or experience positive transformation within your existing relationship.

You may find that any toxic relationships that longer serve your highest good easily fall away.

The energy and knowledge of an open heart center allow for all interactions to take place from the higher truth of unconditional love and this is the strongest foundation for conscious relating.

You love yourself and life enough to overflow pure love into your relationships and receive love from a space of celebration rather than space of need, conditions, desperation.

In this way, relationships become life-enriching experiences rather than something you depend upon for validation and energy.

You can witness your partner with love for who they really are and offer your loving truest self freely.

7. Connection to Your Higher Self

The higher self can be conceptualized as awareness and embodiment of the most beneficial perspective you can personally experience for any situation in life.

Ultimately an open heart chakra allows for a clear channel of connection to source energy and the stream of consciousness that is your highest self.

The heart has the ability to receive truth and insight through the power of feeling and direct experience.

An open heart does not have the filter and conditioning of the human mind and so it bypasses human ?logic? and conditioned expectations allowing for the experience of what can seem like magic; the experience of God, of a direct connection to pure and infinite source energy.

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8. Experiencing Synchronicity

Synchronicity can be understood as a phenomenon or concept whereby you experience seemingly uncanny but meaningful coincidences.

These coincidences usually happen in the form of symbolic repetition relating to a series of manifested events, for example seeing a repeated angel number, followed by a chance encounter with a friend you just thought about who brings you news about a job opportunity you?ve been dreaming of.

It is like living in an almost constant stream of luck.

An open heart chakra can open your energy flow to more often noticing and experiencing the state of synchronistic experience.

9. Ease in Manifestation / Conscious Creation

Awakened heart chakra energy is one of the best states to cultivate in order to more easily and consciously create your desired experiences.

A key element of manifestation through the law of attraction is emotion, being able to feel the feeling of having what you desire energetically which magnetises the physical components into your reality.

Your manifestations will have an extra current of power as from the state of an open heart chakra as your emotional energy is aligned to an infinite source of energy and so you are able to orchestrate limitless manifestations.

The feeling of gratitude and faith that you will experience as a symptom of an open heart chakra are also powerful ingredients for being a successful conscious manifester.

10. Acceptance and Non-Judgment

Another symptom of an opening heart chakra is that from this higher heart perspective you will find that you are more accepting of the present moment.

An open heart chakra will allow you to more easily view and respond to any differences, challenges, blessings, and experiences with deeper understanding; not judging people or experiences.

You will be able to view and interact from an energized state of love and faith in the unfolding of life and your increased ability to navigate situations more consciously due to these many benefits of an open and energized heart chakra.

11. Peace and Relaxation

A simple and profound benefit of an open heart chakra is that you will experience is more peace and relaxation.

When this energy center is active you will naturally tend to be less in the mind (mental chatter) and more in the heart (feeling).

Living from The heart allows you to live more in the present moment and release the need to rationalize the past and future; it is simply resonating with the feeling of now.

This state of presence allows for the dissolving of worries and anxiety and therefore leads to greater depths of peaceful being.

12. Increased Ability to Love and Accept Oneself and Others

When a person's heart chakra is open and balanced, it can foster a deeper sense of self-acceptance and understanding toward others.

This energy center opening may lead one to recognize and appreciate the inherent value and beauty in themselves and those around them.

Additionally, an open heart chakra can help you let go of any negative perceptions or judgments you may hold towards yourself or others, leading to an increased capacity for love and acceptance.

As a result, an open heart chakra can facilitate more positive and meaningful relationships with oneself and others.

13. A Sense of Trust and Security in the World

When the heart chakra is open, it can be experienced as an increased sense of trust and security in the world.

Those with balanced heart energy may feel more connected to their current reality and empowered by their own capabilities; this leads to greater faith in the wider world too.

Such feelings bring forth a resilience that allows them to cope better with stress and doubts and enjoy a comforting assurance from a divine source.

This can give people more courage to face life's adversities and revel in contentment within themselves.

14. A Feeling of Abundance and Prosperity in All Areas of Life

When the heart chakra is in balance, it can bring forth a sense of abundance and prosperity in all areas.

It may present in your life as an increase in wealth and resources, both materially and spiritually.

Further, it could manifest as a greater sensation of financial success, bolstered relationships, and improved health.

This is often accompanied by a feeling of thankfulness for blessings already received in your life and ultimately be translated into an appreciation for those around you.

You will also feel a stronger connection with others which is made possible through the letting go of scarcity thinking; this path leads to being open and generous with one's heart.

15. A Sense of Purpose and Meaning in Life

Without a sense of purpose, your life can feel meaningless and dull.

However, when you are experiencing an opening of the 4th chakra, you will feel more connected to your own sense of purpose and have a greater sense of direction and meaning in your life.

You may experience this as a feeling of passion and excitement for life, with an increased sense of clarity and focus on your goals and desires.

As a result, you may be more motivated and driven to pursue your passions and achieve your goals which will cause you to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life.

This increased sense of purpose and meaning can also able you to approach relationships with a greater sense of authenticity and vulnerability and be able to connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level.

5- Throat

1. Communication becomes easier

This is the most obvious sign of a healthy throat chakra. However, you may not see the result as soon as you begin to practice these procedures. It is a slow process and the adverse signs of blockage will ease up slowly.

2. Speaking truth without fear

Another clear sign of the throat chakra opening. Earlier you used to think of the consequences of speaking up. Now, that hesitation is gone.

3. Creative side blooms

Music, painting, or any other talent you have will flourish like never before. You feel confident in your talent and pursue it with vigor.

4. Thyroid functions at its optimum

The thyroid is an endocrine gland that secretes hormones including insulin. The presence of these hormones in the right proportions is vital for a healthy body. From breathing, growth, and heartbeat to body temperature, metabolism, and muscle strength, these hormones have a role in each bodily function.

A balanced throat chakra means a balanced thyroid and a body free of ailments.

5. Improved listening skills

The increased awareness of what is happening around you helps you to focus on what others are telling you. As your ability to focus improves, you can comprehend what is being said.

6. No more empty words

You say what you mean. As you learn to communicate well and express yourself, there will be an alignment of your thoughts and speech. You begin to enjoy communicating as it gets easier for you.

7. Manifestation skills get better

When you learn to communicate better, it would be easier for you to convey your wishes to the Universe accurately. The clearer you are, the better the chances of manifestation.

8. Alignment of heart and mind

When you wish for something from your heart and your logical mind doesn?t agree, things can go awry. With the balance of the throat chakra, both will work in tandem.

9. Satisfaction of being heard

This is a basic human wish. As your communication skills improve, you find it easier to hold conversations with others. Others will respond to you with more attention and presence.

10. Discomforts vanish

Stiff neck, sore throat, and a host of mild and severe ailments may affect you when your throat chakra is blocked. With an open throat chakra, all these pains, aches, and illnesses abate and finally disappear.

11. Raised confidence level

With the throat chakra open, your body feels healthier and things are going great in your life. Your confidence naturally grows. This will be evident in every decision you make and everything you say or do.

6- Third eye

1. Sensation in the Middle of Your Brows

You may be experiencing a dull sensation or pressure in the middle of your brows. This is generally the first symptom of a third eye chakra opening. You may also feel warmth in that area or a weird sensation, like someone's touching the middle of your forehead.

When you meditate or close your eyes you may feel this spot lightly pulsate. It will generally come and go until it eventually fades away.

2. Frequent Tension Headaches

Suddenly you?re getting headaches more often. It?s said that during the activation of your Kundalini energy, pressure builds near the pineal gland to prepare it to open.

These headaches will come and go for some time and can be soothed through meditation, breathwork or reiki. Of course, if you are experiencing bad headaches and are worried, please consult your doctor.

3. Shift in Personality

Now that you are more attuned to your intuition your perspective has changed, which makes you feel like a different person. You see life from a different perspective which shifts your personality.

You may find that you no longer resonate with some of your friends and family and find it hard to indulge in conversations that you used to enjoy. This can be a difficult time as you begin to navigate what energy you want to be around and how to maintain this new found positivity. Though it may be hard in the beginning, you feel more accepting of yourself and realise that nothing outside of your consciousness can phase you.

4. Vivid or Lucid Dreams

Suddenly your brain is much more active when you sleep. You have vivid dreams that you remember more clearly in the morning. You may even experience lucid dreams, which can be quite confronting if you?ve never experienced them before. When you lucid dream you?re consciously aware inside the dream.

This means you can make conscious decisions in the dream and influence it in whatever way you want. There are various interpretations of what it means to lucid dream, but this is another powerful sign that your third eye is awakening.

5. You?re More Empathetic

You?ve become more sensitive to the emotions of others. You?ve shifted from judging people to trying to understand them. When you see or hear something you don?t agree with, you no longer have knee-jerk reactions, you always try to look at things from an objective standpoint. You feel more attuned to people?s feelings and connect with them on a much deeper level.

6. You have More Focus and Clarity

You?re more sure of yourself, so you feel more focused on your path. You used to let your emotions cloud your judgement, but you have much more clarity now. You?ve learnt how to filter out the noise and focus on what?s important to you.

7. Seeing Synchronicities

You may have had synchronicities before, you just weren?t aware of them. Now, you see them everywhere. These could be a number of things from; seeing angel numbers or the same animal/insect over and over, resonating clearly with certain parts of movies/shows/TikToks/books or thinking of someone only for them to randomly show up some time later.

You start to understand that certain people enter and exit your life for a reason, that problems that arise are meant to challenge you not break you and that everything is happening at the right time for your spiritual growth.

8. Seeing Shapes, Patterns and Lights

There are common shapes, colours and orbs that people see when they close their eyes after a third chakra awakening. The geometric patterns are known as sacred geometry which are symbols that are repeated throughout nature, sound frequencies and the universe.

The colours that are seen are usually white, blue and indigo. These are all signs of an activated pineal gland, allowing for you to see beyond the material world.

9. Greater Intuition

You may have once been indecisive, but you now feel sure of your decisions. You get a gut feeling about things, whether they?re good or bad and stick to your guns no matter what. You don?t question that feeling, you trust it.

You might have already experienced the use of your heightened intuition without you even realising it. For example, you might have met someone new, sensed a bad vibe and found out that you were right about it later on. Your intuition is heightened now, so you will be able to perceive even the slightest of nuances.

7- Crown

1. Greater Conscious Awareness

One of the first signs of Crown Chakra opening is an amplified awareness. You may find yourself more conscious of your surroundings and your position within the world.

2. Spiritual Connectivity

With the Crown Chakra opening, you might experience an intense sense of oneness. Suddenly, you perceive the world as one large, interconnected entity.

3. Apathy towards Materialism

Experiencing indifference towards material belongings is a common sign. You might find more value in experiences and relationships rather than material possessions.

4. Change in Sleep Patterns

The opening of your Crown Chakra might disrupt your regular sleep patterns. You might sleep more or less, or even have vivid dreams.

5. Increased Mindfulness

You might become more mindful and present, allowing you to appreciate each moment rather than worrying about the past or the future.

6. Creative Awakening

An elevated spiritual awareness might ignite your creative side. This can manifest in a myriad of ways, such as painting, writing, dancing, or even innovative problem-solving.

7. Physical Sensations

Feeling a tingling sensation or light pressure at the top of your head is a telltale sign of your Crown Chakra opening.

8. Ideas and Solutions

During the Crown Chakra opening, you might have an influx of 'Eureka' moments. It's akin to having a direct hotline to the wisdom of the universe.

9. Frequent Synchronicities

You may notice increased synchronicities or 'meaningful coincidences.' These can be as simple as thinking of someone just as they call or observing recurring themes in your day.

10. Serene Bliss

Feelings of profound peace, serenity, and bliss, independent of any external events, are common signs of a Crown Chakra opening.

11. Hunger for Spiritual Knowledge

You might notice an increased desire for spiritual growth. Perhaps you're drawn to metaphysical books, meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices.

12. Intuitive Skills

Your intuition might become sharper and more accurate. It's like having an inner guide directing you towards your highest good.

13. Altruistic Behaviour

Finally, with your Crown Chakra opening, you might feel more inclined towards selfless acts. You might find a strong urge to help others and contribute to society.


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