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From our "Great Authors" series, a biography of Margot Adler

Margot Adler, born on April 16, 1946, was an influential figure in the modern Pagan and Witchcraft movements. As a journalist, author, and radio broadcaster, Adler played a significant role in promoting and demystifying alternative spiritual paths, while also championing the values of social justice and environmental activism.

Born into a family of intellectual and artistic backgrounds, Adler was exposed to diverse perspectives from a young age. Her parents, Kurt and Freyda Adler, were prominent intellectuals, and her grandfather, Alfred Adler, was a renowned psychologist. This upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and social engagement.

Adler's exploration of Pagan and Witchcraft traditions began in the late 1960s when she became involved with the counterculture movement. Inspired by the ideals of personal freedom, environmentalism, and spiritual exploration, Adler embraced the emerging Pagan and Witchcraft communities. She recognized the value of these alternative paths as a means of personal empowerment, social transformation, and connection with the natural world.

Adler's journalistic background became a powerful tool in her mission to educate and inform the public about Paganism and Witchcraft. In the 1970s, she worked as a news reporter for National Public Radio (NPR), where she covered a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, and religion. It was during this time that Adler became deeply interested in exploring and sharing the stories and experiences of Pagans and Witches.

In 1979, Adler published her seminal work, "Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today." The book provided an in-depth exploration of various Pagan and Witchcraft traditions, shedding light on their beliefs, practices, and historical roots. "Drawing Down the Moon" quickly became a foundational text for those seeking to understand and engage with contemporary Pagan spirituality. Adler's research and interviews with practitioners from diverse paths offered a comprehensive and balanced perspective on the movement.

As an advocate for religious freedom, Adler played a key role in the recognition and acceptance of Pagan and Witchcraft traditions. She was actively involved in organizations such as Covenant of the Goddess, serving on its board and advocating for the rights of Pagans and Witches. Through her work, Adler sought to challenge misconceptions, dispel stereotypes, and foster greater understanding and acceptance of alternative spiritual paths.

Adler's commitment to social justice and environmental activism was another significant aspect of her life's work. She understood the interconnectedness of spiritual practice, personal growth, and social change. Adler actively participated in protests, environmental campaigns, and feminist movements, recognizing the need to embody the principles of her spirituality in her daily life and activism.

In addition to her writing and activism, Adler was also a respected radio broadcaster. She hosted the "Hour of the Wolf" radio show on WBAI in New York City for over 40 years, where she explored a wide range of topics, including spirituality, culture, and social issues. Her radio platform provided a voice for marginalized communities and offered a space for conversations that often went beyond the mainstream.

Margot Adler's contributions to the modern Pagan and Witchcraft movements cannot be overstated. Her pioneering efforts in journalism, research, and activism helped to shape the perception and understanding of these paths, paving the way for greater acceptance and recognition. Her work inspired countless individuals to explore their spirituality, find empowerment in alternative traditions, and engage in social and environmental activism.

Adler's impact extended far beyond the Pagan and Witchcraft communities. Her commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability, and the exploration of diverse spiritual paths made her a beloved figure in progressive circles. Her intellectual rigor, compassionate nature, and unwavering dedication to her principles continue to inspire and guide seekers and activists alike.

Margot Adler's legacy lives on in her written works, radio broadcasts, and the countless lives she touched. Her contributions continue to shape the landscape of contemporary Paganism and inspire generations of individuals seeking spiritual fulfillment, personal growth, and social transformation. Through her pioneering efforts, Adler remains a beacon of light and wisdom, reminding us of the power of curiosity, courage, and compassionate action.

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