The Magical And medicinal Properties Of Flowers.

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This is just a little guide on what these type of flowers can be used for magically and medicinally. Some have usually associated meanings with their color, but are commonly based on the properties they carry.

Before going into the meanings, and some medicinal properties, I would like to give you the top flowers that are actually edible. if you would like to know more about this, you can go on YouTube, or get books on this. You can also purchase books not just on magical meanings, but also medicinal properties. The top edible flowers are Borage, Clover, Honeysuckle,Impatiens, Nasturtiums, Roses, and violets. Do not attempt tp consume the properties of these plants unless you know they are not sprayed with toxins. I will tell you some of the magical meanings to these flowers.

Calendula: Calendula is also called Calendula Officinalis. It is magically associated with protection, psychic abilities, dreams, success with legal issues, fidelity, healing, love, animals, and comfort. They are also commonly called pot marigolds.

Carnation: Another name for Carnation is Dianthus Spp. It Is also known as gillyflower. It is commonly believed that it is a wonderful gift for the sick. Carnations are magically used for protection, strength, energy, luck, and healing. However, Carnations are toxic to animals. so, they must stay out of reach from curious pets.

Chamomile: There are two types of chamomile. There is roman chamomile and German chamomile. Chamomile is supposed to be a calming and soothing herb. It can be used to infuse into a tea. Chamomile is magically used for money, love, sleep, meditation, purification, protection, and Tranquility.

Daffodil: Daffodil is also known as narcissus and jonquil. It is good flower to use in charm bags for love and fertility. The Daffodil is associated with Luck, fertility, and love.

Daisy: Daisy flowers are also known as Leucanthemum Vulgare, Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum. It is also commonly known as field daisy, or ox-eye daisy. Daisies are commonly associated with love and flirtation. The daisy is also associated with love, hope, and Innocence. it can also be associated with children.

Gardenia: Gardenia is a flower that can attract tranquil energy to a place or individual. gardenia is also commonly used in love spells and charms. Gardenia is commonly associated with harmony, healing, love, and peace.

Geranium: They can be grown indoors or outdoors. They carry strong protective energy. Rose geraniums have been used in love spells. red geraniums have traditionally been associated with protection. Geraniums are associated with fertility, love, healing, courage, and protection. Geraniums can be toxic to both humans and animals.

Hyacinth: Hyacinth is Magically associated With love, Happiness, and protection.

Iris: Iris is also known as flags. Irises are spring flowers. They magically used for Purification, blessings, and wisdom as well. The three petals are said to represent Faith, Wisdom, and valor. The root is called orris root. If it is ground up, it produces a sweet powder. it is used as a scent fixative. Orris powder is also used for peace, harmony, and love.

Jasmine: It is also known as Jessamine. Jasmine is often associated with the moon due to its strong scent at night. It is associated with feminine energy. Traditionally, it was associated with seduction and sensuality. It can be commonly used as an ingredient for perfumes. jasmine is magicaly associated with love, meditation, spirituality, harmony, and prosperity.

Lavender: Lavender is used in many magical and non magical applications. It can commonly be used for children. lavender encourages sleep, and relaxation. Lavender can be infused as a tea as well. Lavender is magically associated with peace, harmony, tranquility, love, purification, and healing.

Lilac: lilac can magically be used for protection, and banishing negative energy.

Lilly: Lilly is magically associated with protection, and the elimination of hexes. Lillys are associated with the concept of death and they are also associated with the after life. Lilly is also used to support the association with rebirth and cycles.

Lily of the valley: It is magically used to enhance concentration and mental abilities. It is also used to encourage happiness.

These are what some of these flowers are magically used for. if you want to know more about the medicinal properties, purchase a book on herbalism. some of these plants can be used medicinally and magically. It is best to take caution when working with flowers and herbs. If you are going to use the color correspondences while using flowers for magic, here is a list of color correspondences:

The basic list of color correspondences:

Red: Life, passion, action, and energy.

Pink: affection, friendship.

orange: Success, speed, career, and action

yellow: intellectual matters, and communication

light green: healing, and wishes

Dark green: prosperity, money, and nature

light blue: truth, spirituality, tranquility, and peace

Dark Blue: healing, and justice

Violet: mysticism, mediation, and spirituality

Black: protection, fertility, mystery

Brown: stability, home, and career

White: purity, psychic development

grey: calm, spirit work, gentle closure, neutralizing energy, or situations.

Silver: purity, divination, psychic work, feminine energy, spirit, and lunar energy

Gold: Health, prosperity, solar energy, and masculine energy.

This the color correspondence for flowers, if you want to associate their magical meaning to colors. Always take cation when using herbs and flowers for other applications. these are some of the ways flowers and herbs can be used magically.

Sources: ( The green witch's Garden: Your complete guide to creating and cultivating a magical space: written by: Aren Murphy_Hiscock, Author of The Green Witch)

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