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This is a list of the angels found in the Nine Choir Tradition. [Sources used include Christian and Jewish Angelology from Wikipedia and many other sources across the internet].

Nine Choirs

1. Seraphim: Seraphim are serpentine angels with six wings, two that cover their face, two are used for flying, and two cover their feet or genitals. Seraphim means ?burning ones.? As such, the Seraphim are literally on fire representing their passionate love for God. The Seraphim are in charge of tending God?s throne and fly around him chanting praises about him and his glory. Staring at a Seraph will drive a human insane. It is also believed that Seraphim are occasionally used by God to punish sinners. It is believed that the Seraphim play a physical role in the conversion of people to Christianity. They are also angels of love, passion, and charity; and can inspire such emotions in human beings.

2. Cherubim: Cherubim are angels with four heads or faces: a human head, an ox head, a lion head, and an eagle head. Sometimes they have four of these faces on one head. These heads are attached to the body of a lion which has the legs and hooves of an ox which are made of bronze. They also have 4 wings covered in eyes. The Cherubim have 3 major functions in heaven. First they are the angels of knowledge and wisdom which they constantly record and meditate on the heavenly knowledge of God. It also important to note that they can illuminate the minds of people with heavenly knowledge when called upon. In the second role they are used as guardians of God?s throne and are given assignments by God to guard special places. In their third role they carry the Throne of God and move it whenever God needs to go somewhere in heaven.

3. Thrones: the Thrones are angels that look like golden rings covered in eyes with a ball of light emanating from their core. In other descriptions, they?re described as many eyed towers, many eyed whirlwinds, or adoring elder men on golden thrones. The Thrones are angels of justice and fairness and act as a council which makes decisions on running the Universe based on these principles.

The Thrones are sometimes equated with the Erelim: angels of death and misfortune who punish sinners. Due to their strong sense of justice.

4. Dominations: The Dominations are angels that look like humans with fluffy white wings who have orbs of light fastened to the pommels of their swords or the tops of their scepters. The Dominations oversee the duties of the lower choirs of angels so that the Universe can be governed according to God?s will. They are also said to serve the saints in heaven.

5. Virtues: Virtues are angels who look like winged humans with white robes. They can also appear in the form of balls of light. The Virtues are angels who control and watch over nature. They control the movement of the planets, the weather, and the many natural phenomena of earth and the Universe. They watch over nature, making sure that it?s healthy and balanced. The Virtues are angels of courage who visit Earth often to increase peoples faith in God by performing miracles for them.

6. Powers: The Powers are angels who look like winged humans with weapons and armor. They are warrior angels whose duty is to fight demons and protect humans from negative spiritual forces. They are also known as the Authorities, because they have authority over evil spirits and can banish them to places of spiritual detention. They are also known for protecting humans from temptation and snares.

7. Principalities: The Principalities are angels who watch over the nations and organizations on Earth so that they are governed according to God?s will of peace on earth. Every nation, community, Church, and organization has a Principality watching over it. Principalities look like beautiful humans wearing crowns and carrying scepters. They give orders to the last two choirs of angels. They also pray for their respective communities. They are said to give knowledge of the arts and sciences to government officials.

8. Archangels: Archangels are named angels who represent aspects of God similar to lesser deities or saints. Their job is to watch over people on earth, answer prayers according to their spheres of influence, and reveal greater mysteries to mankind.

9. Angels: The lowest choir consists of Guardian angels, messenger angels, and helper angels. They are the closest angels to mankind. Their jobs include: protecting humans from spiritual and sometimes physical harm, guiding people in their faith, delivering the prayers of people to God, praying for people on earth, helping people with tasks in daily life, and revealing lesser mysteries to mankind.

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