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There are many magickal traditions within Christian Witchcraft. This is a list of these unique traditions.

1. Christian Witches: These are simply Christians who practice Witchcraft. They typically practice white magic but sometimes they can be grey witches. They may or may not have a belief in a goddess.

2. Witches for Jesus: These are witches who follow the teachings of Jesus but may not have a belief in Jesus as the son of God.

3. Pagans for Jesus: Pagans who follow the teachings of Jesus, but may not believe that he is the son of God.

4. Christopagans (a): Christian Witches who believe that every god in every known pantheon is an aspect of the Judeo-Christian God.

5. Christopagans (b): Christian Witches who believe in the Christian pantheon of angels, Archangels, Saints, and biblical figures.

6. Christopagans (c): Christian Witches who have a belief in animism. They believe that pagan gods are powerful nature spirits empowered by human worship, while the Christian God is original and created the Universe.

7. Trinitarian Wiccans: A tradition of Wicca that follows the Christian Trinity and the Mesopotamian pantheon. These Wiccans believe in the trinity of Jehovah (the father), Jesus Christ the son, and Sophia, the goddess of wisdom as the Holy Spirit. Some of them also incorporate Mesopotamian deities (Asherah, Shekhina, Astarte, Innana, Ishtar, Anat) into their work as well as Angels, Archangels, Saints, and Gnostic Aeons.

8. Christian Wiccans: sometimes used interchangeably with Trinitarian Wiccans, these Christian witches take the more traditional route of Wicca and often believe that the horned god is the god of the Bible. There are also many Christian Wiccans who have a god and goddess pair of Jesus and the Virgin Mary or Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

9. New Thought Christians: These are Christians who practice new age spirituality. They typically have the belief that pagan gods, Bhuddhas, and saints are Ascended Masters (people who have achieved a higher state of being). They also typically pray to 15 archangels who are believed to be aspects of God.

10. Christian Cabalists: These are Christians who practice the art of Jewish Kabbalah within a Christian framework.

11. Christian Hermeticists: Christians who practice Hermeticism. Basically mix a scientist with a witch and a philosopher and you get the idea. They usually practice three types of Magick: Alchemy(natural chemistry), Astrology (Observing the movements of the planets to predict the future), and Theurgy (religious magic). They believe that white magic is magic that uses/comes from angels while black magic is magic that uses/comes from demons.

12. Gnostic Christians: Christians who have a belief in Sophia and the Demiurge. Typically they are dualistic and believe that the god of the Old Testament is evil or ignorant, while the God of the New Testament is good and represents knowledge. Gnostics believe that God has many aspects called emanations, these are divided into Aeons and Archons respectively. Since Gnostic Christians usually consider ignorance to be the ultimate evil and not sin, they are pretty fond of magic, except for astrology that is usually associated with the Archons, negative aspects of God who try to manipulate mankind through fear and ignorance. They often practice Jewish Kabbalah.

13. Hoodoo: Hoodoo is African American Voodoo, it blends African folk magic with Christianity.

14. French Voodoo: A syncretic religion that combines African Folk Magic with Roman Catholicism. It is predominantly practiced in Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean.

15. Santeria: A Syncretic Religion that combines Catholicism with Yoruban-Bantu. Orishas, who used to be lesser deities, are now believed to be saints that grant miraculous powers to those who practice Santeria.

16. Folk Christianity: Christianity that is practiced by indigenous and rural cultures, often combining aspects of Christianity with Traditional customs, pagan practices, and folk Magick.

17. Santa Muerte: Sometimes considered its own religion, Sante Muerte practitioners believe in a Mexican Folk Saint named Santa Muerte who is considered to be the angel of death. She is invoked for Protection, Health, Money, Love, and Defense Magic. Sante Muerte practioners broke off from the Catholic Church but still worship God the Father along with the rest of the Trinity. Some Santa Muerte practitioners are still practicing Catholics, despite the Church?s animosity towards Santa Muerte veneration.

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