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General correspondences for the days of the week.

Sunday :

- Archangel: Michael

-Planet : The Sun

-Color: Gold

-Rules over: ambition, power and success, fathers, improving health, prosperity, self- confidence, overcoming bad luck.


- Archangel: Gabriel

- Planet: The Moon

- Color: Silver

- Rules Over: home & family, women, fertility, secrets, children & animals.


- Archangel: Samael

- Planet: Mars

- Color: Red

- Rules Over: courage, change, independence, overcoming impossible odds and bullies, passion, strength.


- Archangel: Raphael

- Planet: Mercury

- Color: Yellow

- Rules Over: money, exams/tests, travel/moving, short holidays/vacations, repelling envy, malice, spite and deceit.


-Archangel: Sachiel

- Planet: Jupiter

- Color: Blue, purple

- Rules Over: expansion, career, leadership, long-distance, travel and moving, justice, marriage, self-employment.


- Archangel: Anael

- Planet: Venus

- Color: Green, Pink

- Rules Over: all love magic, fidelity, mending quarrels, environment, fertility, women's health, growth.


- Archangel: Cassiel

- Planet: Saturn

- Color: Black, gray

- Rules Over: unfinished business, endings, slow-moving, official matters, locating lost objects, animals, anti-addiction, debt.

Please remember these are general correspondences. Some of these are subject to change as you work your craft to your liking or find other resources that say otherwise.

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Aug 18, 2021
Excellent reference Ash. Thank you.

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