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Name: xLady_Ashx
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Location: Smoky Mountains
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Please Read before Mailing Me:

Please note: I do not perform spells for other people, not for free or for compensation. I do, however, answer any and all mail that comes my way. So if you have any questions about witchcraft, paganism or the like, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability/knowledge.

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Ashley and I have been practicing for roughly 10 years. My path has varied since beginning this journey, but now I follow a more sea witch path. I am the original creator of the coven Element Magick and am still its current Priestess. If you have any questions about the coven, please mail me !

My studies are a bit all over the place at the moment, but still center around sea witchcraft, lunar and storm magick. I'm also a writer, an avid reader and YouTube watcher. I enjoy long walks to the fridge around midnight, and anything mint and chocolate. I have a very polytheistic viewpoint, and currently follow the Greek pantheon.


  • Nyx

I have worked with Nyx for quite some time now, and consider her my one and only Matron Goddess.

Areas of Interest:

  • Sea Magic
  • Storm & Lunar Magic
  • Digital Drawing
  • Divination


You can find me on other social media sites here:

  • Instagram: @ashes_of_the_sea
  • Amino: @QueenAsh5
  • Discord: @LadyAsh#4446

Feel free to add me anywhere, I love to chat! :)

Join my Sea Witches discord server! (Please mail me for a link)

Note that this Discord server is for those practicing or interested in learning more about Sea Witchcraft. Do not join the server to harass myself and others. You will be removed immediately.