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The uses of poetry in magic.

The armchair psychologist has often been quoted saying,

"If something bothers you, write it down and burn it or shred it up." 

Why is this advice so commonly dispensed but so rarely understood completely? How does this action actually bring us peace and rid negative feelings or thoughts? 


When we go about an action with a specific intention in mind, we are imbuing our action with our intent, and in the process, that action becomes charged by our intentions and desires. This is called channeling, which is directed to our end goal result. Sometimes this isn't enough, and will require you to raise more energy to produce the results you desire. If shredding that letter didn't work, more energy is involved with making a fire, meaning more energy will be raised for your effort. 


Now that you have this knowledge, I'm going to show you a practical method to apply it by using poetry:

The poetry you write can be written in any form, rhyming or not, as long as it has meaning to you. Think long and hard on what your goal is, and take care to leave enough open ends while retaining your main point. Focus on the paper before you write, and visualize a connection between it, your writing utensil, and yourself. Charge this paper and fill it with every intention and desire that pertains to your end result. When it comes time to write, do so slowly and with as much thought as possible. 


This method can be applied by a number of methods, including:

  • Under the mattress/pillow 
  • At a crossroads
  • Burned
  • Carried around


Enjoy, and please use responsibly. The results of spell-craft and rituals can take an immeasurable amount of time, and can take affect many fold, often more than anticipated.

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