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Using candles in spells.


Candles are an easy way to work with magic and one I always recommend to new practitioners. It offers a focal point for you to focus on and has several uses that can be employed when working spells. Candle magic is a very versatile type of magic; being used for love, luck, protection, etc. Candles also tend to be inexpensive and readily available, so they're an easy item to add to your collection of magical tools and supplies. 

Candle Colors 

Candle colors have associations and correspondences to certain aspects. These color qualities can be utilized in spells of a similar nature. For example, you could use a green candle in a money or fertility spell. I have provided a list below of candle colors and their associated correspondences. 

Now, keep in mind, just because you don't have a certain color on hand doesn't mean you should let that keep you from practicing candle magic. The color is meant to further help you align your will and desire to the work of magic you are doing; by offering you a focal point associated with your intent. However,you can use what you have on hand. The important thing is that the tools serve to fit your intended goal/purpose. 

Color Correspondences List:

  • White: All purpose candle.
  • Red: Protection, love, passion, sex magic.
  • Black: Banishing, binding, cursing, protection.
  • Blue: Water element, healing, psychic awareness.
  • Green: Finances, Earth element, luck, money, fertility.
  • Yellow: Air element, creativity, inspiration.
  • Brown: Animal magic, earth energies.
  • Pink: Love and friendship.
  • Orange: Courage, the sun, god aspect.
  • Purple: Power, spirituality, psychic abilities.

Candle Wax & Divination 

This is also known as ceromancy.Ceromancy is divination by means of dripping candle wax into cold water. The shapes the wax takes is then used to determine the outcome of your reading; similar to how one might do a reading with tarot cards or tea leaves. 

Candle Flame: Fueling Intent,Releasing Desire 

Fire is often seen as an element of change and transformation. The flame burns and turns an item into a new form (wood to smoke and ash, for example.) and for this reason, it is often used in spells and magical rites for much the same thing. The flame of a candle can be used to symbolically burn parchments with spells and prayers written on them, as a means to send them out into the universe and fuel our will of change and bring about a desired outcome. In short, the act of burning the parchment, upon which our spell or prayer is written, symbolically releases it out into the universe so that it can manifest. 

Another common method, used in candle magic, is to etch or carve your intent into the candle itself. You carve words and phrases into the candle, associated with your intent. The candle is then burned, and as it melts the words and burned/melted away thereby releasing your intent. 

Taper candles tend to be easier to use, when carving your intent into them, because it gives you more area to work with. They also burn longer and allow you to perform the spell over several days. However, it can also be done with votive candles and tealights. These candles just offer a more condensed surface area to work with, and less burn time. 

Candle Spell: Example 

The following example we will be using is one for a simple luck/money drawing spell. 

Items Needed:

  • One Green or White Taper Candle
  • Peppermint Oil (you can also use olive oil) - Just enough to coat the candle, about 3-4 drops.
  • Pin or Needle
  • Matches

Start by anointing your candle with the peppermint essential oil or olive oil. As you rub the oil onto the candle (be careful not to get any on the wick) visualize yourself 'rubbing' your intent into the candle. Essentially, imbuing the candle with your will and desire. You can also say a chant over the candle as you work the oil into its surface, to further solidify your intent. 

Since we are doing this for luck and money drawing, we could say a simple chant like: 

''Luck come. Luck Grow.'' - repeated over and over as you anoint your candle. 

''Money grow. Money Flow.'' -repeated over and over as you anoint your candle. 

The idea being, you are charging the candle and programming it for the outcome you want your spell to have. It doesn't need to be fancy or elaborate, but it does need to be to the point and clearly identify what you want to achieve.

Once your candle is anointed, use the pin or needle to carve words or phrases, associated with your intent, into the candle. Since we are doing this spell for money drawing, we could write things such as:

  • Financial gain.
  • Money drawing.
  • Luck in finances.
  • I will get the money that I need.

As you carve the words or phrases into your candle, try to visualize each one clearly. See and feel yourself having the money that you need. See yourself getting what you need or desire, etc.

When you're done, light your candle and meditate on your intent. Watch the candle flame burn and visualize it sending out your desire into the universe so that it will manifest. You can allow the candle to burn or an hour or so, snuff it out, and then burn it for 30 minutes to an hour for the next few days (if doing this, the waxing moon is a good time to burn your candle, though it isn't necessary for it to work). This can help increase your spells chances of success because you are performing it daily.

Alternatively, if you don't have the time for that, you can allow it to burn down in one day, just be sure to meditate on your intent and picture it as clearly as you can.

Note: Never leave your candles unattended and have them in your sight at all times, because of fire danger, their containers breaking from heat build up, etc.

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