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A ritual in the dedication of the full moon/lunar eclipse. The moon represents change. This ritual will cleanse one's past and help them become anew.

One may choose whichever essential oils and incense work best with them. For me, I would use lavender essential oils to dress my candles and burn either sage or cedar incense to cleanse all the negative energy around me. What is most important is having three white candles: one to represent the past, one to represent the present, and one to represent the future. The moon is always changing. Because of its constant cycles, the moon symbolizes change. The idea of this ritual is to set oneself from their past, be protected in the present, and accepting change that may occur anytime in the future.

After burning the desire incense and dressing the candles with the desire essential oils, meditate for about ten minutes. Think of the past and the parts that still hurts you the most. Then, light the first candle, and chant:

"Begone, ghosts of my past. Cleanse me, O goddess of the moon from old wounds and past scars. Yesterday, I shall let go. Yesterday is past. Please, set me free."

Keep the candle lit. Meditate once again for about ten minutes. Think about the present situations and the parts that concern you the most. Light the second candle, then chant:

"Goddess of the moon, protect me with your guiding light. The troubles of my present can no longer harm me. I feel protected and safe under the warmth of your presence."

Keep the candle lit. Meditate once again for another ten minutes. Think about the future. What does one fear about the future? What does one wish to obtain in the future? Light the third candle, then chant:

"My future and my path are bright. With my goddess's blessed light, I will not fret. Goddess of the moon, guide me to my desire future and protect me from all harm. I will be protected. I will be at peace. I will be safe with you."

Keep the candle lit. Meditate for about five minutes. Feel the moon's energy surrounding you and concentrate on your breathing. Once feeling ready, chant:

"I thank the moon goddess for her kindness. I am protected. I am at peace. I will succeed. With the moon by my side, I shall not fret. Thank you, goddess of the moon. I thank thee."

You may blow out the candles in order of past, present, and future. After blowing out the last candle, say, "Mote it be." You may go to bed after cleaning up. By morning, once awaken, you will feel more confident and motivated. Blessed be.

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