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Information on what is a spiritual bath and how to use one.

What are spiritual baths?

Well spiritual bath are baths made with various fruits, perfumes, waters and herbs and empowered with the usage of heat. (Energy or spiritual force)

Baths are made for many things most common are for cleansing but can also be made for:luck, protection, love, beauty and many many more.

There are many kinds of spiritual baths. Some by boiling herbs and adding perfumes the most common are by rubbing fresh herbs together. Others are by putting herbs in a brown paper bag and passed over the body. There are also bath salts sometimes rubbed over the skin sometimes dissolved in water.

Spiritual baths are very powerful and I think that everyone should try at least once to make a spiritual bath.

How to use spiritual baths?

Spiritual baths that are when its liquid if its for cleansing and getting rid of negativity its poured from face down (If the bath contains lemons or lime do not pour over head) to be safe just pour from shoulders down. If you have a basin you can put it in the shower take the spiritual bath in the basin by standing in the basin and pouring the spiritual bath from shoulders down (Cleansing and getting rid of negativity). When it comes to baths that are used for attraction like luck, love and so on it would be from feet to head to bring in that love or luck and is collected in a basin or small pot. Spiritual baths are left on the skin so that you can get the most out of it and you sleep with the spiritual bath on. You do not dry with a towel, but you air dry and then you go to sleep in clean clothes preferably white or light to attract good things.

How to dispose of your spiritual bath?

When it comes to disposing spiritual baths there are many ways.

A way that I often use is when it comes to spiritual baths for cleansing I dispose of it by throwing the bath over my shoulder when the sun is going down so that the sun takes whatever you don't want with it.

Another way is disposing it at the crossroads which I personally avoid doing mainly because I don't want to 1. Get caught throwing unknown liquids on the road 2. Be put in the front page of the newspaper for throwing spiritual baths at the crossroads (Aruba is very dramatic the little things you do get you on the front page of the newspaper where thousands of people will read about you and word spreads here fast).

When it comes to baths for attraction I throw my baths in the front yard to bring luck to me or love or other things that the spiritual bath is for bringing in something.

How to make spiritual baths?

When it comes to liquid spiritual baths I would use fresh herbs and fruits from the grocery store instead of dried unless you are boiling them.

With fresh herbs you take water lets say 2 cups water you never pour the whole 2 cups in the beginning slowly you pour the water in so you start with a small amount. Add some fresh herbs and you rub them together by hand by taking both hands and rubbing the herb in between them.

I always add perfumes last it doesn't have to be perfumes like Florida water, Pompeii, reve d'or it can be your own personal perfume that you use.

You will do this also with fruits and such.

When it comes to herbs that you boil you want to use dried herbs which you can add perfumes into it.

Most herbs that are bought from the botanical say for how many minutes you have to boil the herbs some say 9 minutes others 7 and such.

If you are going to boil herbs whether it be dried or fresh, always let the water boil first. Don't just throw the herbs in the non-boiling water always let the water boil first then you add the herbs.

You always let the bath cool down completely and then you strain it and add perfumes of your choosing.

What I advice is having white candles around glass encased are best if you don't have any you can buy a cheap glass cup and put a white candle in the cup and put it in the center of the bath.

The candle is to help empower your bath. Baths can be presented to your Gods or spirit guides in which you can ask for them to empower or bless your bath for you.

Here are some recipes for some baths:

What you will always need is a big bowl like a fruit bowl or bigger basins are also good to use.

You will need water and some perfumes you can always use your fav or make Florida water like Chleo said in the last thread.

You want to always have white candles around they are all purpose.

  • Attraction Bath : For this bath you will need a whole orange you cut in 7 pieces and you rub together in about 2 cups water with some fresh mint and some yellow rose. You can add your favorite perfume about 5 or more sprays.
  • Cleansing bath : For this bath you will need 1 lemon and 1 lime and some basil. Cut the lemon and lime in 3 pieces rub together in a basin or big bowl rub together.
  • Protection bath : Fresh Rue,Basil and some Florida water (store bought is fine or you can make your own) rub together.

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